How to keep your smartphone cool when overheating

We’ve all had that experience where our phone starts to overheat, and we presume it’s due to the sun or a battery problem. When our phone overheats, it feels like you’re carrying a hot potato in your pocket, but it also gets difficult to take pictures, use apps, or even navigate around.

Various strategies can be used to lessen the heating with all of these issues. This how-to article will cover the dos and don’ts. However, keep in mind that your total usage determines the frequency with which your smartphone overheats.

Remove the case

Suppose you have a protective cover on your phone. In that case, it is important to understand that the patient also works as an insulating layer, keeping heat within the phone and causing overheating.

As a result, it is advisable to remove the case now and then so that heat can dissipate correctly, especially if you are only at home and not traveling.

Tweak your phone settings

Your phone settings are also important in determining how much strain you put on your phone’s processing power. To begin, reduce the screen brightness to the point where you can see the screen, or switch off adaptive brightness now and then.

When you see your phone heating up, turn off the data or attempt to switch to WiFi as quickly as feasible. If you have a gaming smartphone, you will notice that it has an ‘overclocked mode’ that increases the phone’s performance during gaming; nevertheless, it is recommended that you turn that option off because it drains a lot of battery from your phone regardless of its specs.

Do not push your phone to the limit.

Although your phone may be extremely powerful due to its high-end specifications, it can also overheat like any other electrical gadget. So, if you find that your environment temperature is a little too high, avoid playing hard games, editing films or images, or constantly inserting your phone into its charger.

If you need to charge your phone, try to find a cool place to do so.

Don’t force a cooldown.

When we notice our phone warming up, we try to be tech experts and experiment with ways to cool it down, but there is a danger that you are potentially hurting the phone rather than saving it.

Even if your phone has IP68 water resistance, do not immerse it in water or place it under a running water faucet. Furthermore, do not place the phone in a refrigerator or freezer because quick cooling might generate condensation, resulting in total damage to the phone and battery.

Try using a phone cooler.

You’ve probably heard of a ‘laptop cooler,’ essentially a stand with ventilation and cooling fans. Similarly, phone coolers use heat sink technology, which is especially useful if you are a smartphone gamer.

You may find them at any online or physical store, but keep in mind that the size of the cooler must match the size of your phone.

Do not use your phone under the sun.

If it’s a bright sunny day and you’ve just decided to surf the web on your phone, avoid using it directly under the sun since it may accelerate or perhaps cause overheating when you’ve only started using one app. As a result, utilize it in a lovely shaded area rather than BBQ-ing your phone.

With that said, please let us know how these strategies aided you in the comments section. However, if none of these ways work, we recommend contacting the customer service department for your device.

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