How to Locate a Lost Samsung Galaxy Phone Even if it is in Airplane Mode (Enable Offline Finding)

There is a real chance that you will lose or misplace your smartphone. Android and iPhone come with a built-in feature to find your lost phone from afar. While this feature needs mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection to track the phone, Samsung has come up with a new way to find a lost Galaxy phone, even if it is in Airplane mode. Here’s how the Offline Finding feature on your Galaxy phone works and how to enable it.

Samsung’s Offline Finding method can help you find your lost Galaxy phone even if it is in Airplane mode, even if it has been turned off. People who have One UI 3.0 and up phones can use this feature. We want to know how this new technology works if your phone gets the latest OneUI 3.0 or later. Here’s how to turn it on.

How to Enable Offline Finding on Samsung Galaxy Phone?

1. Use PIN, Pattern, or Password as the screen lock on your Galaxy phone.

Open the Settings menu. Then, click on the Biometrics and security menu.

3. Tap on Find My Mobile to turn on the feature.

4. In the Find My Mobile sub-menu, tap on the Offline finding option.

5. Turn on the Offline finding and Encrypt offline location options on the next screen.

6. Your Samsung Galaxy phone’s offline finding feature is now enabled.

It doesn’t matter if your lost phone is in Airplane mode. You can still track your phone with the help of another Samsung Galaxy phone. Here is how this technology works?

How Does Offline Finding work on a Galaxy phone?

Samsung Offline finding works only if a nearby Galaxy phone with a working internet connection and the Offline Finding feature is turned on. Even if the phone is in Airplane mode, it will look for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. If it finds a nearby Samsung Galaxy phone with the same feature turned on, it will send an encrypted location report to the phone that has the feature.

Whenever your phone is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi, Samsung will get your phone’s location and send it to their servers so they can find your phone. Use the Find my Mobile tool to find your lost phone.

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