How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan

How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan or another country, I will show you How to lock your Facebook Profile. If you want to keep your Facebook account private, you can take a few simple steps.

Facebook Profile Lock in Pakistan

Facebook has launched a new feature of profile lock in various countries. In the past, the account lock feature for Facebook was only available in beta mode. Recently, this feature has been made available to all Facebook users from all over the world.

Many people use VPNs or other tricks to get to this feature. You don’t need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to get this feature. Every Facebook user can use the Facebook lock feature. To help you lock your Facebook account in Pakistan and other countries, I will show you how.

How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan

Here’s how to hide your Facebook profile in Pakistan or any other country, like the United States.

Method 1: Lock Facebook Profile on Mobile

If you have a smartphone, you can follow the simple steps in this text.

  •  Sign in to your account on the Facebook app.
  • Now, head to the “three horizontal lines,” then tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • Under Audience and Visibility, scroll down and choose “Profile Locking” to hide your profile.
  • The new screen will ask you whether you want to lock your account. “Lock your profile” is the button you need to click on here.
  • In the next step, you’ll be able only to show your friends the posts and stories on your profile.

Method 2: Lock Facebook Profile on PC

If you have a PC or a laptop, you need to follow the simple steps in this text.

  • Open any browser and go to Login with your Facebook account there.
  • Now, go to your main profile page.
  • Click on the “three dots” icon and choose “Lock your profile when you get to this point.”
  • Then, click “Lock your Profile” in the pop-up window.
  • Your Facebook profile is now closed, and only people who know you will be able to see your photos and news feed on Facebook.

Method 3: How to Lock a Facebook Account in Pakistan

To lock your Facebook account on your smartphone or computer, follow these steps.

  • Login to your Facebook account on your mobile or PC.
  • Second, you must visit the Facebook profile of someone whose profile is already locked. It would help if you did this now.
  • To learn more, click on the “Learn more” icon.
  • Just click “Lock your profile” to keep your account safe in the new window.
  • It’s time to lock your Facebook profile. Only your friends can now see your photos, posts, and news feed.

What happens if you Lock your Profile on Facebook

The profile lock feature is good for everyone who has an account on Facebook. To hide your posts and stories from people you don’t know, this feature can help you. In this case, people who are not your friends can’t see or download your profile picture or cover picture. It’s even impossible for them to look at the news feed on your Facebook account, though.


In the article on how to lock your Facebook profile in Pakistan or any other country, I hope it helps you out. It would help if you told your Facebook friends about this useful information so that they, too, can keep their information safe on the site. Then you can ask me in the comments.