How to Make Jazz Conference Call Code

How to Make Jazz Conference Call Code

Individuals may use the jazz conference call to simultaneously make calls with up to four people. Jazz has established a jazz conference call code that allows any on-net, off-net, and foreign lines to participate in a conference call. Jazz users may make four calls to anybody for free by dialing *188#.

Dial the activation code to begin phoning your loved ones. According to their existing package plan, call costs will be applied to all callers. Customers may unsubscribe from this service by dialing *118*4#, which is the service’s unsubscription code. There are no fees associated with taking advantage of this offer.

Jazz Conference Call Code:

Offer Name Jazz Conference call
Price FREE
Subscription Code *118#
Unsubscription Code *118*1#
conference call Charges As the Package Plan

Many individuals who use this service wonder whether they would be charged for minute calls. So, here are all of the instructions about how to set up a conference call. Customers will only be able to use the conference service when they activate it, not any free minutes. If consumers have previously made a call using the package, the call package minutes will be used first. Customers are charged call rates by their packages when the jazz Call package expires. Jazz users may verify their current bundle by dialing 123 and selecting option 3. The consumer may make a conference call on any network in Pakistan and the rest of the globe.

How to Make Jazz Conference Call:

  • Prepaid customers need to dial *118#
  • How to Make Jazz Conference Call:

To Start Jazz Conference Call: 

  • To include other figures Add participants by tapping on them.
  • Calls may be made by entering the phone number.
  • To begin the conference call, tap to merge.
  • You may call up to four people using this approach.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • A conference call may only have four numbers added.
  • Each caller will be paid a standard call cost based on their package plan.
  • If the consumer may use the JazzWorld app to activate different packages