How To Make Your WhatsApp Images And Videos Disappear

Let’s face it: we don’t trust anyone with our chat history or with what we might send since we are concerned about our chats or anything personal we share with others going viral on the internet. The traditional casual way of asking others to remove our data isn’t entirely trustworthy.

However, as WhatsApp adds new capabilities regularly, users can now get their photographs and data deleted fully without deleting them manually or asking others to do it for them. When a user opens an image or views a video, the photo or video vanishes completely, ensuring the security of your data.

How To Make Your WhatsApp Images And Videos Disappear

Now that the feature is ready, this how-to post will focus on how users can enable it while maintaining their privacy. However, it should be emphasized that this post is intended for users who are having problems accessing the latest WhatsApp features.

A short checklist

Check that you have done the following:

  • Your Android or iOS version is current.
  • Check to see if your WhatsApp app is up to date.

Moving on

You’ll notice a small ‘1’ icon beside the send button when you’re preparing to transmit a photo or a video. If you tap on it, the photo or image you’re about to share will be viewed only once.

Furthermore, by enabling the functionality, WhatsApp will notify the message’s recipient that the video or image can only be viewed once and will disappear once opened.

The interesting thing about this functionality is that customers do not need to go into settings and set up or enable the option at all. If your WhatsApp is up to date, you’ll notice the feature is ready.

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