How to Save GIFs on Android Phone Easily

How to Save GIFs on Android Phone Easily

People often talk to each other on Android devices these days. People could no longer only use character words and symbols. They could now use stickers, pictures, and even GIFs. There are many different ways to save GIFs on an Android phone.

On Android, users can get some simple GIFs. People would look for better, funnier, and more GIFs and save them to their Android. When the GIFs are ready on their phone, they could share them in chats or even use them as wallpaper. So, here are some ways that Android users can save GIFs.

1. How to Save GIFs Using Web Browser

The web browser is a great way to look for things, not just GIFs but also other things. We could download it from many different pages using a web browser as Google is the most visited site.

There are many different types of search categories on Google. Choose the images section because that’s where the GIFs are most likely to be. It’s also the easiest and quickest way to find the GIF.

Once in Google Images, type in the theme GIF or detail you want. Make sure also to type the word “GIF.” If not, you would get a regular picture or pictures.

When you find the GIFs you want, click on them and hold your mouse button down for a few seconds. Then, a window would show up. Each Android window would show a different menu. But choose “Save Image” or “Download Image” from the menu. Both of these would save the GIFs to your Android, which is the same thing.

At last, the GIFs will be on your Android. You can find it easily in your gallery or, most of the time, in your Downloads folder.

2. Using a Third-Party App

Using a third-party app is the alternative way to save GIFs on Android. There are many apps to choose from. First, you need to get the app from the Google Play Store. There are many apps you could use. People would probably choose an application they could download for free because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Giphy App is the most well-known app from a third party. People often use this app because the app and the GIFs can be downloaded and used for free. The Giphy App is like a library with GIFs from all over the internet. Even better, we could make a GIF and upload it so that other people could do it too.

This app also makes it easy and quick to save and download GIFs. Once the app is on the phone and ready to use, open it and use the search bar. You can get there by going to the top of the screen.

After that, type in the topic or type of GIF you want to see. Then, a bunch of GIFs to choose from would show up on the screen. Choose the GIFs you want, and then all you have to do is click on them. Next, click on the icon with three dots and click “Save GIF” in the window. Wait until your device says “GIF Saved to Device,” and then your GIF is done downloading.

Your Android would then save the GIF. It would be a new folder called “GIPHY,” so we could easily find the GIFs we downloaded from the app on our phones.

3. Using Transfer Data from PC to Android Phone

You can also save GIFs on Android by moving them from your PC to your phone. Using a computer, we can download more things and do them faster than a cell phone.

Once the files are ready, put the information on the phone. Use a USB cable to hook up the phone to the computer. You could use the cord from your charging cable here. Then, copy and paste or move the information from your computer to your phone.

When you’re done moving the files, take the phone off the computer. After that, you can use the GIFs on your phone.

4. Other Sites to Get GIF

You don’t have to use Google to find different kinds of GIFs. You could also use other websites. You are starting with Pinterest, Tumblr, and Some GIFs might not be on Google, so it doesn’t hurt to look on these other incredible sites.

As for how to get GIFs from those other sites, the steps are pretty much the same as for Google. First, we’ll look for the GIFs we want, then click and hold them for a moment, and finally, choose to download or save them.

So, those are the three easy and quick ways to save GIFs on Android. But if you save more GIFs on the phone, it might take up more memory space. Just make sure your phone has enough space. Enjoy!