How to setup VPN under 10 minutes on your phone

People were genuinely concerned about their privacy after the Senate approved allowing internet service providers to sell their personal information to advertisers. While privacy is important, it does not need signing up for a VPN service and tunneling all of your internet traffic through VPN servers.

Unfortunately, utilizing certain VPN providers may be just as dangerous as not using a VPN. Several popular providers log users’ connection information, which can then be sold to third parties. Some untrustworthy providers may leak connection details, leaving you just as vulnerable as if you weren’t using a VPN.

A VPN can provide peace of mind if you’re concerned about the risks of using public Wi-Fi to check essential business email accounts, bank account balances, or plane ticket and passport information.

How to setup VPN in 10 minutes

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, your initial step is to select a VPN that works well with your mobile device and that you enjoy using. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open the Google Play store app on your smartphone and tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • In the search field, please type the name of the VPN you wish to use and then select it from the list of apps that appears. By checking at the app’s creator, you can ensure that you’re installing the official app rather than a knockoff. 
  • The name of the app author and the company’s name should be the same. After selecting Install, wait for the app to download.
  • After installing the VPN app, leave and return to the Google Play store.
  • The first time you use any paid VPN app, you’ll be prompted to enter your login information or sign up for the service.

If you’re requested to sign up with an email address, check your inbox for a confirmation link from your new VPN service (which is usually always the case).

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