How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transaction in HBL

How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transaction in HBL: If you have an HBL Visa or MasterCard, you must use it to purchase online. If you don’t use it for online purchasing, you should turn it off to secure your funds.

HBL Bank is extensively utilized in Pakistan, and it was dubbed “King of Pakistan” a few years ago. However, the general population has curtailed its usage due to rising charges, while major corporations, business people, and those with incomes continue to use it extensively. This bank is a little pricey, but its futures are pretty solid, which few other banks can provide.

You may purchase online if you have an HBL debit card with a VISA or Master Card logo on it.

It’s also relatively easy to switch it off or on, as I’ll show you below.

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How to Turn OFF E-Commerce Transaction in HABIB Bank Limited (HBL):

You’ll need the HBL Digital app on your phone or an online banking account to achieve this. If you don’t have a mobile phone and wish to access your account from a computer, you may do so. Users who do not have an HBL online banking account may create one by visiting the HBL official website HBL – Internet Banking (

Click the link to be taken to the HBL online banking page in your browser. To make an account, click the signup button. Follow along as I demonstrate how to open an HBL internet banking account using a mobile phone or a computer.

Create an account with HBL Internet Banking:

  • Click the Signup button on the HBL online banking website.
  • To begin, enter your CNIC number or your Social Security number. Enter your ID or go on to the next step if you have one.
  • Next, type in the HBL Debit card number or PIN and click Next.
  • For verification, provide your cell phone number or email address in the third step.
  • Finally, it would help if you created a password for your account.
  • Your account will be established when you complete this step, and you will be able to access it through the app and website.

To log in to your HBL account, always use Internet Explorer to visit the website. If you have never used a virus scanner or an Internet security program, proceed with caution. To access your account, only use trusted devices and browsers. Before logging into your account, I recommend utilizing an Internet security program.

Now, log in to your HBL account by providing your account’s username or ID, as well as your password. On the left side of the HBL account dashboard, you’ll see a menu. As indicated in the screenshot, click the services button.

A Card Management option will appear. Your debit card choices will display on the screen when you click on them. From this page, you can now manage your account. There are two options available nowadays: View Details and Manage Card.

After that, choose an E-commerce transaction from the Manage Card menu. If you’re using a computer, A new card manage option will appear on the right side. To activate the debit card, press the button.

A Time Password will be sent to the phone number or email address you provided. To confirm the activation of E-commerce transactions, enter it here. If you wish to deactivate or turn it off, press the switch on/off again. Your Debit Card online E-commerce transactions will be blocked, according to an SMS you will get.

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What are the Benefits of keeping Disable the Ecommerce Transactions?

In truth, there are several websites and other items on the internet that may access your Card without requiring an OTP. When purchasing online, we must input our credit card number, expiry date, CVV code, confidential information. Such information should not be shared with others since anybody with it may quickly utilize the money on the internet.

As a result, always be cautious and safeguard your debit card details. If you suspect that someone has access to your account or Debit card information, first disable this Card’s online transaction by following the steps outlined above. Then you may phone or visit your bank branch to obtain a replacement card. I hope you understand everything about this information and how to switch off your HBL debit card. You may ask us for assistance in the comments if you need it.

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