How to Unblock a PTA Blocked Phone 2022

How to Unblock a PTA Blocked Phone 2022

This is because of laws made by the PTA. Your phone may be blocked, but don’t be afraid, because it will be back soon. If you want to unblock a telephone that the PTA has blocked, you have to read this article and follow the steps.

Why PTA Blocked Your Phone?

If you don’t register your phone with the PTA, your phone will likely be blocked after a while. So, you need to register your phone so that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) can keep track of devices legally brought into Pakistan.

Most of the time, people who bring their mobile phones from outside the country don’t register them with the PTA. To keep using them, they must pay the tax that applies.

How to Unblock PTA Blocked Phone

To get a PTA-blocked phone back, follow these steps.

  • Follow this link to open the official PTA website.
  • The menu is in the bottom right corner. You can choose the last option to move on to ‘Online Mobile Registration.’
  • To start a new account and start over, click this option.
  • You are asked for your name, address, email address, city, passport number, CNIC, and password.
  • The account registration process is over if all of the information has been filled out.
  • An email with a link to your account will be sent to you.
  • Log in and add your phone to your new account.
  • You can only register one phone for free for a year, and you can only do it once. It’s important to remember. You’ll have to pay tax on any other phones you want to register with the government.
  • You also need to add the IMEI found on the cell phone box.
  • A text message will be sent to your phone when you finish the form. You will get information about your PSID and COC ID.
  • If you have to pay some taxes on your device, you will see that in the text message you get from them.
  • To finish registering your PTA-blocked cell phone, you have to pay the tax at every major bank branch in Pakistan, like MCB, ABL, and NBP.
  • Text message: You will get a text message when you pay. It will tell you that PTA now approves your phone.

How Much Tax do You Need to Pay?

The price of your phone or other device is used to figure out how much taxes you will pay. If you bought a phone from another country, the tax is based on the price on the market today.

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