How To Uninstall Nova Launcher On Android

This article teaches you How to uninstall Nova Launcher on Android.

Nova Launcher is an Android launcher software that is both strong and adaptable. It has many innovative options that enable you to personalize your home screen.

It may be difficult to uninstall Nova Launcher if it is presently configured as your phone’s default app. You may have noticed that the app’s settings blocked the uninstall option.

Nova Launcher may be removed from your phone in some ways, including by restoring the default launcher. Let’s get started with the first technique.

2 Methods To Uninstall Nova Launcher

1st Method:

You cannot delete Nova Launcher from the settings after configuring it as your phone’s default launcher. Remove Nova Launcher from your phone’s default launcher app by following these instructions, then delete Nova Launcher.

  • On your Android phone, go to the Settings app.
  • Go to Default applications after tapping on Apps & Notifications.
  • Select the Home app from the drop-down menu. Select your phone system launcher on the new screen.
  • Return to the Apps & Notifications section and choose the Nova Launcher application.
  • The Uninstall button should now be activated. To uninstall Nova Launcher, click the Uninstall button.

2nd Method:

If you don’t want to use the first approach, you may remove Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store. Every app in the Google Play Store contains an uninstall option that will delete it from your phone once you click it.

After you uninstall Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store, your phone will revert to the default launcher.

  • First, search for the Nova Launcher app on the Google Play Store.
  • On the app’s page, click the “Uninstall button.”
  • A confirmation page will open, asking you to confirm your action; click “Uninstall.

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