How To Unsubscribe Jazz Apni Dhun Permanently 2022

How To Unsubscribe Jazz Apni Dhun Permanently

You can Unsubscribe Jazz Apni Dhun by dialing the 230 code. In other circumstances, send an SMS unsub to 230 to completely unsubscribe Jazz Apni Dhun from your number.

Jazz Apni Dhun Service is essentially a branch (sub-service) that is directly tied to the “Jazz Call Tune” or “Mobitune” service. As a result, all you have to do is terminate your Call Tune subscription, and the Apni Dhun will be instantly unsubscribed from your prepaid number.

The question now is, “How can we deactivate Jazz Apni Dhun” service or eliminate this extra fee service? Deactivate this service in a matter of seconds by entering 5 simple codes. However, the first prerequisite for unsubscribing to this service is to follow the instructions outlined on this page.

Unsubscribe Jazz Apni Dhun Service

Five different codes, methods, and gimmicks are completely legal and work quickly to permanently delete Jazz Apni Dhun Service from the subscriber’s number.

Consequently, names of 5 different tricks to Unsub Jazz Apni Dhun:

  • Dial 230
  • Send ‘unsub’ to 230
  • Dial *230*8#
  • Call 111
  • Dial 111-300-300

All five strategies are explained in detail below. In addition, on this page, we have described the initial price, service costs, and other information about this service. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Jazz Apni Dhun service, including how to unsubscribe.

1st Trick (Dial 230)

This is the Jazz Caller (Mobitune) service’s unsubscription code. When we delete this service from our number, the Jazz Apni Dhun service associated with it is instantly canceled. Dial the 230 code today to permanently unsubscribe Apni Dhun from your phone number.

2nd Method (Send ‘unsub’ to 230)

You don’t want to enter the 230 code? No issue, create a new SMS, type [unsub] in the written message, and then send it to the 230 code. Done! This service will be deactivated automatically.

3rd Method (*230*8# Code)

This 100% magical code also works to deactivate the Mobitune service. As a result, deactivating this service disables the Jazz Apni Dhun service.

4th & 5th Trick (Dial Helpline)

Finally, the all-in-one trick is always effective when all other codes, tricks, and approaches fail. To deactivate Jazz Apni Dhun from your SIM, dial 111 or ring 111-300-300 and leave the rest to the Jazz agent.

Jazz Apni Dhun Service Charges

Jazz Apni Dhun or Mobitune (Jazz Caller Tune) charges daily based on one of four scenarios. Furthermore, consider the following Jazz Apni Dhun service fees:

  • Customary Charges: Rs 2.50
  • IVR Charges on dialing 230: Rs 2.84 per Minute
  • IVR Charges on dialing 2301: Rs 0.72 per Minute
  • Tune Download via SMS Charges: Rs 9.55 (including taxes)

Save Plenty of Balance (Load)

It is confirmed that disabling Jazz Apni Dhun Service will save you significant money. Because this service deducts various charges daily, which substantially influences the user’s SIM balance, this unsub will be extremely beneficial to all Jazz Mobi-Tune (Apni Dhun) service subscribers.