How to update Hulu App on Vizio Smart TV

Streaming services have become an essential part of everyone’s daily lives. Whether you want to watch live television, movies, or series, there is a streaming option for you. Things only become better when you watch these services on your Smart TV. Smart TVs provide a more immersive watching experience.

However, to have a consistent experience with the app on your TV, the app must be updated. So, today, we’ll look at how to update the Hulu app on your Vizio Smart TV.

You should be aware that Vizio’s Smart TVs do not run the Android Operating System. Instead, they have their in-house operating System called SmartCast OS. Because this OS is not like your typical TV OS, updating your apps will be different. Furthermore, the lack of the Google Play Store can make updating apps problematic for some users. Not to worry! Because we’ll show you how to update your Hulu app on your Vizio Smart TV.

How to Update the Hulu App on your Vizio TV

There are two methods for updating the Hulu app on your Vizio Smart TV. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you. You will need a Vizio Smart TV linked to the internet and a Vizio TV remote. Let’s get started now that we have both of these things ready.

Method 1: Update the Hulu app through the Vizio App Store.

    • Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and confirm it is linked to your WiFi network.
    • Now, take out the television remote with your Vizio Smart TV.
    • You should notice the V or VIA button on your remote. Click the button.
    • The Vizio App Store will now be launched on your smart TV due to this action.
    • Now, search for and choose the Hulu app.
    • If an update is available, the Update button will appear.
    • Choose the Update option.
    • The new Hulu app update will begin to download and install on your Vizio Smart TV.
    • If you believe there is an update for the app, but it isn’t showing up on the Program Store, remove the app and then reinstall it to ensure you have the most recent version installed on your Vizio Smart TV.

Method 2 – Update the Hulu app with System Update

    • Turn on your Vizio Smart TV and take out the TV remote.
    • Connect your Vizio Smart TV to the internet at this point.
    • Navigate to the Settings menu with the remote.
    • Now, from the newly opened menu, pick System.
    • Select the System after highlighting it. Check for Updates should appear as an option.
    • Your Vizio Smart TV will now start checking for updates. It will check for installed app updates in addition to any software updates.
    • When the TV detects an update for the Hulu app, allow it to download and install on your Vizio Smart TV.


You can use these two approaches if you want to update the Hulu app or any other app on your Vizio Smart TV. This is a quick and easy process that should only take you a minute. After you update the app, you will have a better user experience and can access any new features that have been introduced to the latest version of the app. This instruction should have helped you understand how to update the Hulu app on your Vizio Smart TV.

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