How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr in Pakistan

Today, we’ll use Payoneer to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan. It does not freeze, but it is pretty easy to do. We can utilize PayPal to withdraw money today, and we will use Payoneer to start resources.

What payment options are available on Fiverr?

Finally, once you have $ 100 in your account, I’ll show you three different methods to get your Fiverr assets.

  • PayPal 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card

We may deactivate this option since PayPal is not accessible in Pakistan. Payoneer handles both bank transfers and Fiverr coupons. Payoneer is a financial organization that provides automated installations and online money transfers. Payoneer is required to withdraw funds from Fiverr in Pakistan.

How to Use Payoneer to Withdraw Money from Fiverr in Pakistan:

To continue using Payoneer, I acknowledge that you have set up an active Payoneer account in Pakistan. We must figure out how to win on Fiverr without reluctance in Pakistan.

Before we continue, I’m assuming you’ve successfully set up a Payoneer account in Pakistan. Now, let’s take a look at how you may unquestionably make money on Fiverr in Pakistan.

It’s simple to sign up with Payoneer. You may start the information sharing procedure by going to Alternatively, you may go to your Fiverr account – > Earnings and click on “Fiverr Revenue Card” to start the data sharing procedure.

  • Payoneer Revenue Card assuming you decide to join straightforwardly through
  • Fiverr Revenue Card (which is fueled by Payoneer) assuming you decide to join using Fiver

When you’ve completed the information exchange procedure, you’ll be given a virtual financial balance, which in my case is “Local area Federal Savings Bank,” and your Master Card-controlled International Debit Card will be sent to you.

The whole sign-up procedure is free, and it might take up to 25-40 days for your card to be accepted.

If you have joined Payoneer by visiting the website, you will get a Payoneer Revenue Card. Once you “load” your assets from Fiverr to your Payoneer account for the first time, Payoneer will deduct a one-time $30 activation fee.

Transfer Funds from Fiver to Payoneer:

  • From the Earnings tab on Fiverr, I can choose “Fiverr Revenue Card” or “Bank Transfer” to transfer funds.
  • Both of these options would transfer my Fiverr funds to my Payoneer account.
  • You’ll be given a brief to choose a “heap” choice when you confirm.

Option 1: a $1 deduction from your available assets to transfer your assets from Fiverr to Payoneer in 3-5 business days.

Option 2: is a $3 deduction from your available assets to send your assets from Fiverr to Payoneer account astonishingly quickly, or in a flash in my case.

Fiverr will begin the withdrawal process when you choose a payment option and designate that option as the default. Your “heap” selection will remain the same till you modify it in your Payoneer account – > Activity – > Funding Sources.

  • Sign in to your Fivver account and choose the ‘Income’ section from the Dashboard.
  • While using Payoneer to withdraw your funds, you must have at least $20 available for withdrawal. Select Bank Transfer.
  • After pressing on Bank Transfer, you’ll get a short message asking you to confirm by SMS or phone. You may use SMS or call whenever convenient for you since you will get a code on your phone number. Enter the code and press the submit button.
  • Following hitting on Bank Transfer, you’ll notice a quick reminder to confirm through SMS or phone. You may choose SMS or call whenever convenient for you, and you will get a code on your phone number. Enter the code and press the submit button.
  • Open your inbox and look for the email from Fiverr; after you’ve found it, click on the blue text that says ‘click here.’
  • A new window will appear; choose ‘Begin.’ After that, you’ll be sent to the Payoneer sign-up page. Consider clicking the ‘Snap Here’ button in the top right corner to quickly sign in to your Payoneer account.
  • A login box will appear, prompting you to enter your login details, such as your email or username and secret key. After you’ve recorded all of the relevant information, click ‘Sign In.’
  • After you hit the sign-in button, a new window will appear, indicating that you’ve successfully added another kind of income to your Payoneer account. Hold your breath for a few minutes, and another window will open on its own.
  • A ‘Nearly There’ window will appear. From the text in the box, choose “return to income.”
  • You’ll be sent back to the earnings page. Now choose Bank Transfer and input the amount to be withdrawn. Then, at this moment, pick Confirm and cancel. You will be notified that the grant will be applied to your account within seven business days after clicking the “Verify and Return” button.

How to Withdraw Money from Payoneer to JazzCash account?

Payoneer assets may now be transferred to JazzCash. It is appropriate for minor and significant adjustments, and it has a reduced cost and a higher real return. To share your Payoneer assets to JazzCash accounts, you must first open a JazzCash account.

You must click on Payoneer straight from JazzCash and connect with your Payoneer account while building your JazzCash account. Your Payoneer account is connected to your JazzCash account.

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