Hrithik Roshan, Saba Azad share great bond in latest exchange of comments

Hrithik Roshan, Saba Azad share great bond in latest exchange of comments

Saba Azad’s latest social media post demonstrates how close she is to Hrithik Roshan’s boyfriend.

The Krrish actor just left a beautiful comment on Saba’s post after she performed the song in a new video that has gone viral.

Saba posted on Instagram a video of herself singing a Punjabi song about Heer, a character from one of the most popular tragic romances.


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She captioned the post, “Mid-study time daydreaming of Heer. I was going over lines for my next project, and this one came and sat in my mind; I had to get it out of me to concentrate.”

“For as long as I can remember, Heer has been a part of my musical upbringing – so many magical singers have told her story in song – for me, my earliest memories of Heer-Ranjha go back to the summer holidays in Ludhiana at my grandparents’ place – its magical notes coming to us from my Dadiji’s (grandma) room where she played it on her cassette player.”

She added, “Yes, you can hear the AC grumbling in the back – yes, that’s a pencil in my hair – it’s far from perfect and not my best attempt, I’m afraid, but I loved singing it anyway – bhool chook Maaf (forgive the errors).”

Hrithik Roshan commented, “That pencil only adds to the contrast of all you are as a human. The anomaly I say 🔥🔥”

Saba replied, “Hey, thanks 🙂 they thanks 🙂 trust you to find value in my stationary – you the cutest – ok bye :).Hrithik’s mother, Pinkie Roshan, commented, “Beautiful voice.” Saba responded, “thankee pinkie aunty.” Sussane liked the video, and Saba’s ex-boyfriend Imaad Shah wrote, “khereyan de naal ..uff.” Saba responded, “Heer is the best.”