I Tried Walmart’s Crazy New Self-Checkout Machines – An Add-On Will Stop Theft But I Still Hate The Way It Bags The Goods

A WALMART shopper spoke about her experience using the retailer’s newly launched self-checkout machine.

The customer, known as Righteous Ray, revealed that the new features will reduce theft, but admitted that she is not a big fan of the technology.


A shopper revealed she wasn’t a big fan of the new kiosk installed at a Walmart store in Dallas, TexasCredit: Tiktok
Customers use a handheld scanner to check out items


Customers use a handheld scanner to check out itemsCredit: Tiktok

Shoplifting is a major problem for stores like Walmart, and reports of self-checkout-related theft have become more prevalent in recent years.

in a Tik Tok excerpt, Ray revealed that customers must use handheld devices to scan their groceries individually at the store in Dallas, Texas.

The scanning device is not built into the machine – unlike a traditional automatic checkout.

The item and its cost are then displayed on a large screen before being placed in the baggage area.

Ray explained that the screen shows an image of what is being scanned.

And, he warned would-be shoplifters that the machine will notice if labels on items are changed.

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Ray revealed that there is a smaller screen that keeps a record of the scanned items.

He didn’t seem to be a fan of the new technology that has been introduced to the store.

The buyer told viewers that she will continue to use the old booths.

He said: “It looks nice, but I don’t like that you have to hold the scanner all the time.”

He suggested that robots should scan and bag merchandise for shoppers, and he believed it would not completely eliminate shoplifting from Walmart stores.

Ray seemed furious that customers couldn’t pay for their groceries using apple Payment.

Shoppers can only pay for their purchases by card or cash.

The US Sun reported how Walmart shoppers have been arrested after allegedly failing to scan goods at self-checkout.

Christine Louise Miller is accused of stealing $93 worth of items from a supercenter in Florida’s Buffalo Ridge Plaza.

Officers with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office claimed Miller scanned some items, but not all.

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Last month, a man allegedly threatened a Walmart employee in Memphis, Tennessee at gunpoint after they noticed he hadn’t scanned all of his shopping.

The shopper, believed to be in his 20s, and his mom were approached by a loss prevention officer as they tried to leave, Memphis police said WMC.

The employee revealed that the man became angry and went to his car to retrieve his gun before returning to the store.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has warned that shoplifting is “higher” than ever.

talking to CNBC in December, he addressed the issue saying, “If this is not fixed over time, prices will be higher and/or stores will close.”

Retailers lost about $100 billion in what’s known as shrinking, according to 2022 National Retail Safety Survey.

And, companies like Walmart have taken action to try to curb shoplifting offenses.

Some items have been locked in cabinets, while others have been stored behind plexiglass.

Furious customers claimed the action made shopping “impossible”.

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Products are also protected with spider wrap available in different shapes and sizes.

But retailers like Lowe’s have resorted to using a more stealthy strategy to curb shoplifting.

The item appears on a large screen as soon as it is scanned


The item appears on a large screen as soon as it is scanned