I went dumpster diving and found thousands of makeup items

If it’s free, it’s for me.

An expert dumpster diver has proved that another person’s trash is another person’s treasure with her latest scavenger hunt video that has been viewed more than 800,000 times.

Ella Rose, aka @glamourddive on TikTok, rummaged through shopping center bins and discovered “thousands” of sealed and closed makeup products in two boxes.

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“It’s from the makeup shop AOA Studio, oh my god, it’s getting even crazier,” the content creator said.

The video shows different types of makeup products from foundation, concealers, setting spray and primer.

“I’m shocked that they threw all this away,” she added.

Makeup includes Drop Liquid Foundation ($1.88), Pressed Powder Foundation ($1), and Perfect Filter Face Primer ($1.)

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Makeup brand AOA is known for its low-priced products that range from $1 to $2, and the Rose boxes that went over were reportedly “leftovers from summer.”

Since she found “thousands” of items, that means her trash score was probably well over $1,000.

Ella Rose aka @glamourddive
Ella Rose found tons of makeup products in a trash can at a mall.

Ella Rose aka @glamourddive
The content creator is known for finding good quality products, be it beauty or homeware.

Since she found the old beauty products on January 23, she guessed that could be the answer to why the mall was willing to throw them out.

Although this glamorous dive didn’t include the top cosmetic brands that Rose comes across, such as Estée Lauder, MAC or Dior, she still appreciates the products.

She also found a third box filled with “very cute hair accessories.”

The accessories box had clips, hair ties, socks and even wedding garters all in good condition.

While she didn’t reveal if the makeup items had expired, she did share plans to donate the contents of the bins.

“I’m going to try to find a women’s shelter to drop it off,” she said.

Many viewers were amazed by the treasures she found in the trash, with nearly 300 comments asking if she could send them the boxes.

“Can you give me some of these things?” asked one person.

“I dream about this stuff,” commented one makeup enthusiast.

“Wow can I have the ribbon for my baby?” pleaded a mother.

Ella Rose aka @glamourddive
He believes these items were thrown away because they were from the summer.

Rose isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for a good cause. She uses her diving skills to collect items that she either donates or keeps for herself.

She recently rummaged through Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Max, and Big Lots to find an insane amount of high-end brands like Tommy Bahama, Juicy Couture, Rae Dunn, and even Tempur-Pedic.

This Tiktoker doesn’t plan to stop her dumpster diving to miss out on good quality freebies anytime soon.