I’m a Time Traveler – A new world will be discovered hidden in the Amazon rainforest months after a cataclysmic event

AN ALLEGED time traveler has claimed a new world will be discovered this year in a series of shocking predictions.

TikToker Aery Yormany shared the disturbing information in a video that shocked users.


A so-called time traveler has predicted five wild events that could happen this year, but gave no detailsCredit: TIKTOK/esthetictimewarper
TikToker Aery Yormany made the baseless claim that a new world will be discovered in the Amazon rainforest


TikToker Aery Yormany made the baseless claim that a new world will be discovered in the Amazon rainforestCredit: TIKTOK/esthetictimewarper

The post had several predictions for 2023, but didn’t provide much reasoning behind them.

“Many of you still don’t believe I’m a real time traveler, so remember these 5 important events in early 2023,” the warning video says.

According to the “time warper”, the world should prepare for a shocking discovery in the Amazon rainforest on May 7.

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Apparently a “new species of people” will be found in a previously undiscovered “world” within the global rainforest this spring.

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This is just the first of many predictions shared by the TikToker.

On July 5, Yormani said the hottest day in American history will suffer for US citizens.

They wrote that the high will be a whopping 148 degrees Fahrenheit with a nationwide average of 107, but provided no data to support the claim.

Students should be aware that the new ChatGPT study tool could be banned in the US on February 17, Yormany claimed.

They wrote that many people are going to fail classes without the help of AI software that has already come under fire in school systems.

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And on April 28, the time traveler said a baby of sorts would be born with “new organs and body parts” such as a “tail,” but didn’t elaborate on the dire prediction.

However, these alleged events pale in comparison to Yormany’s final date.

On March 14, they made the baseless claim that an 1,800-foot “megatsunami” would hit San Francisco and kill over 500,000 people.

Although the facts appear to be cause for concern, commentators are not convinced.

One user said it was “hard” to believe him when none of his 2022 predictions came true.

And another said the “same events” were predicted years ago but still haven’t happened.

“You crack me up nothing you said has come true,” said a third comment.

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It comes as another TikToker “from the future” claimed a global conflict will engulf many nations and knows the day it will start.

And another self-proclaimed time traveler has warned that in a few months human bones will be discovered on Mars.