I’m Furious After Being Caught at Costco Self-Checkout – But I’ve Been Criticized for Disobeying Policy

A SHOPPER says they were outraged by Costco’s self-checkout policy and took to social media to air their grievances.

The TikTok user claimed the retailer now has its employees check shoppers’ subscriptions at checkout.


A TikTok user complained about Costco’s policy of checking for subscriptions at the self-checkout stationCredit: TikTok/@mr.candol
'"I can't help my mom with her shopping anymore," read the text overlay on the screen in the video


“I can’t help my mom with her groceries anymore,” read the on-screen text overlay in the videoCredit: TikTok/@mr.candol

TikTok user @Mr.Candol shared a video with his more than 1,000 followers about his recent experience at Costco.

“I can’t help my mom with her groceries anymore,” read the text overlay on the screen in the video.

“Costco’s assigned employees are getting worse everyday,” the user wrote in the caption.

The video went viral, gaining thousands of views from people who all seemed to disagree with the user’s claims.

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“Costco isn’t getting any worse since it’s actually their policy,” wrote one user.

“And their policy has been that since the beginning of their company.”

“They are bad people to be sure [sic] member;” asked a second person.

One person, claiming to be a Costco employee, wrote: “As a Costco employee, this is and has been our policy.”

However, others appeared to be disappointed with the rule.

“That’s what they’re starting to do from now on! one user wrote. “I thought they only do that when you first come in.”

“I was buying food for my mom and was told I couldn’t do it,” wrote another user.

“I went to Sam’s Club and they said it was nice.”

“Bruh I filled my cart with shopping. When I checked out they wouldn’t let me because it was my mom’s card (the shopping was for my mom),” said a third person.

US Sun has reached out to Costco for comment.