Imran Khan’s young fan Abu Bakar spurns Rs60m offer for autographed shirt

Abu Bakar says that he would auction the shirt if he planned to sell it in future and the auctioned amount would be donated to Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital.

Spurning the offer of Rs60 million for the shirt carrying an autograph of Imran Khan, the young Abu Bakar has stated that he will not sell the garment even for a treasure trove.

The nine-grade kid Abu Bakar rose to prominence after meeting Imran Khan and collecting an autograph from him on his shirt. He stated that previous to the Rs60 million offer he received for the autographed shirt, he also had an offer of Rs10 million, which he declined.

However, he stated that if he intended to sell the shirt in the future, the proceeds would be donated to Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital. It may be noted that a video of a young Abu Bakar bawling his heart out after the PTI’s Lakki Marwat rally went viral after he failed to meet Imran Khan. Later, the PTI leadership arranged for him to see Imran Khan at Banigala, where the little kid presented Imran Khan with a ring, and Imran hugged him and autographed his shirt.

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