Indiana Walmart shootings injure 1, suspect killed: police

Authorities responded to a shooting at a Walmart in Evansville, Indiana, Thursday night where they said at least one victim was injured. The suspect was killed during a shootout with police, authorities said.

The Evansville Police Department tthey washed up on Thursday Night about the shooting, encouraging people to avoid the area: “Active shooter inside Walmart West. EPD on stage. Avoid the area!”

Sergeant Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department said during a press conference hours after the initial report of the shooting that the suspect ran throughout the store during the standoff with police.

“He was shooting at the officers and moving,” Gray said. “He was all over the shop.”

Gray confirmed that one female victim was taken to the hospital. He also said police responded to the scene immediately and did not wait outside the store.

“We’re trained that if there’s an active threat, we go in — we don’t pause, we don’t take time to try to figure out what’s going on. We go in and go to where the shootings are happening,” Gray said.

After entering the store, the officers were fired upon by the suspect.
After entering the store, the officers were fired upon by the suspect.

Minutes after the initial tweet, EPD said the suspect had been “neutralized.”

“The threat has been neutralized and he is in custody,” police said.

They also said officers were tending to an unknown number of victims.

Other victims reportedly fled the store as police arrived. EPD encouraged victims who may have been injured to go to the hospital.

14 News reporter Breann Boswell reported that the male suspect fired at the officers “multiple times” before the officers returned fire, killing him.

One female victim was taken to hospital.
One female victim was taken to hospital.

WEHT’s Wayne Hart similarly reported that the suspect was shot and killed.

Fox News has reached out to the Evansville Police Department for additional information.

Gray asked witnesses to come forward with information that would help their investigation.

“A lot of people fled,” he said Thursday night. “We’re asking for witnesses to come forward if they have any information.”

The store is located at 335 S. Red Bank Road.