Internet finds ‘Babylicious’ promotions ‘uncomfortable’

After years of separation, Syra Yousuf and Shahroz SazBari reunited to promote their upcoming film Babylicious and people can’t help but see the tension between the former couple. The couple – who have been in the news for their beautiful relationship and later, their divorce and co-parenting of their daughter Nooreh Shahroz – appeared together in another interview about their upcoming film.

The two signed the film together around five years ago when they were still together and it is finally releasing now. Despite their divorce, the former couple is promoting the film and appearing together for promotions. However, their reunion was not without its awkward moments.

A promotional video for the film was released by the production’s YouTube channel, which many people found “awkward” as Shahroz did not look at the Sinf e Aahan actor even once in all the videos.

After watching the video, one person said the former couple was acting awkward and the whole interaction seemed awkward. Another person just said they called it “weird.” Many others have expressed excitement about the film and are looking forward to seeing it. Syra and Shahroz have maintained their professionalism and dedicated themselves to promoting their film despite the awkwardness. Babylicious is all set to hit theaters nationwide on February 10 and fans are eagerly waiting for it.