Islamabad Police Starts Impounding Bikes Without Standard Number Plates

The police in Islamabad have started to crack down hard on motorcycles that don’t have the right number plates. According to a post on the department’s official social media page, hundreds of motorcycles from different parts of the district have already been stopped.

Muhammad Faisal Kamran, who is the SSP of Operations, says that Inspector General (IG) Muhammad Ahsan Younas told the department to start this operation. He said that the number of crimes in Islamabad that involve bikes that aren’t registered is going up at a very fast rate. He said, “The goal of this crackdown is to stop crime.”

In order to make the roads safer for people, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has also said that they will crackdown on public transportation vehicles with CNG cylinders and vehicles without fitness certificates.

Rai Mazhar Iqbal, the SSP of Traffic, told the department to take illegal cars off the roads in Islamabad. “In this case, there should be no giving in,” he said. Mazhar warned that people who own public service vehicles with CNG cylinders or that aren’t in good shape should expect to get fined a lot and be punished in a strict way by the law.

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