Jacobabad Edges Closer to 50°C as World’s Top 3 Hottest Places are All in Pakistan

Jacobabad Edges Closer to 50°C as World’s Top 3 Hottest Places are All in Pakistan

Because it hasn’t rained much anywhere in the country, the extreme weather has gotten worse and the current heatwave has gotten stronger.

At the time this was written, four cities in Pakistan had very high temperatures, and three of them were among the top three hottest places on earth.

Details show that at 49°C, Jacobabad is the hottest place on Earth right now. Sibi is the second hottest place on Earth, with a temperature of 48°C.

Rohri hit 47.2°C and is currently the third hottest place on Earth. In addition to these three cities, Nawabshah is the fifth hottest place on earth, with a temperature of 47°C.

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Along with these four cities in Pakistan, Barmer, India, which has a temperature of 47.1°C, is the fourth hottest place on earth. The top five hottest places on earth are four cities in Pakistan and one in India.

Let’s look at the fifteen places in the world that are the hottest.

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Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Jacobabad Pakistan 49°C 1st
2. Sibi Pakistan 48°C 2nd
3. Rohri Pakistan 47.2°C 3rd
4. Barmer India 47.1°C 4th
5. Nawahabsh Pakistan 47°C 5th
6. Fahud Oman 46.8°C 6th
7. Bandar-e-Dayyer Iran 46.6°C 7th
8. Churu India 46.6°C 7th
9. Bikaner India 46.5°C 9th
10. Matam Senegal 46.5°C 9th
11. Pilani India 46.5°C 9th
12. Sunaynah Oman 46.5°C 9th
13. Jhansi India 46.3°C 13th
14. Qarn Alam Oman 46.3°C 13th
15. Ganganagar India 46.2°C 15th