Javeria Saud Brother Humayun Becomes a Proud Father

Humayun Saud, Javeria Saud’s brother, has become the joyful father of a baby boy. Javeria Saud, a Pakistani actress, television presenter, and producer, post her joy at being an aunt on social media. She recently took to Instagram to share photos of her Eid celebrations with her family. I am delighted to inform you that Javeria Saud’s brother, Humayun Jalil, has given birth to a son. The actress captioned the photographs she posted on her social media account;

“Mikael, My Nephew Mashallah Phuppo ki Jan Hamari Eidi Allah Pak Ki Taraf Se” “Mikael, My Nephew Mashallah Phuppo

Javeria Saud’s brother Humayun married five years ago and has a lovely son. When she broke the wonderful news, the audience erupted in applause. She publishes pictures and portraits of her mother holding her nephew to demonstrate how she adores him. She also uploaded a couple of images of herself with the infant boy and expressed real joy for him. She wished her nephew a long and happy life in the closing letter. Here are some stunning images from her Instagram account.

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