Jazz Auto Reply Unsubscribe Code 2022 | Unsub Auto Reply

Jazz Auto Reply Unsubscribe Code 2022

Jazz Auto Reply Unsubscribe is available to Jazz Prepaid subscribers by SMSing “UNSUB” to 7071 and Jazz Postpaid users by dialing *7071#. Unsubscribe from extra services today using Apna4G (all packages) deactivation codes.

Auto Reply is a popular feature for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Essentially, we record and set parameters in this service (a few voice messages). That is automatically given to callers who dial our number during periods of unavailability.

That means you can always stay in touch with your friends and family even if you leave your phone at work or elsewhere. As a result, the following service is extremely beneficial. However, many people are overburdened due to daily and monthly balance deductions as a result of this service.

Jazz Auto Reply Unsubscribe

We have provided codes to deactivate the Jazz Auto Reply service. To unsubscribe from Jazz Auto Reply Service, use one of two codes. The first code will work with prepaid SIM cards. On the other hand, the second code will deactivate the postpaid SIM Auto Reply function.

As a result, we can state two distinct techniques for deactivating the “auto-reply” service in Pakistan. Examine both codes (tricks) to get rid of Jazz Auto Reply.

  • Unsub Prepaid Jazz Auto Reply
  • Unsub Postpaid Jazz Auto Reply

Prepaid Auto Reply Deactivation

All Jazz Prepaid SIM subscribers who have activated this service will be charged Rs 0.98 per day. This sum totals 30 rupees for one month. As a result, it is preferable to disable such (daily consuming) services.

Follow these steps and deactivate Jazz Auto Reply on prepaid SIM:

  • Write “UNSUB” in the message
  • Now send this SMS on 7071
  • This trick will unsubscribe Jazz Auto Reply

It should be noted that the following SMS technique only works with prepaid SIM cards, as stated above. On the other hand, the officials may deduct the balance from your account (total service charges) at the time of deactivation.

Postpaid Auto Reply Unsub

Do you have a Jazz prepaid SIM with “Auto Reply Service” that you want to “cancel”? Dial *7071# and wait for the service to be unsubscribed.

  • Type *7071#
  • Please wait for it to load.
  • Auto Reply will result in unsubscription.

It is clear that postpaid SIM charges money (monthly) or according to the payment option you chose during SIM verification. As a result, the prices for this service are Rs 20 per month (automatically deducted while unsubscribing).

Author Recommendation

Always use the services that are important to you and turn off buckets that incur an unusually high fee (balance). On the other hand, deactivating such services may boost your account balance, allowing you to make more calls, send more SMS, and receive more data while saving money on these extra services.