Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB Code 2022

Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB Code 2022

Choose one of three packages known as Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB in the Jazz Warid 3G/4G prepaid network. The Jazz Daily 1GB bucket subscription code and fee and full details are available here. So stay connected and learn more about a subscription that offers you access to the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a low cost.

The Jazz Monthly and 3-Months packages have been covered in prior articles, but this is for the 1-day and hourly (1GB) subscriptions.

1000 Jazz MBs are only available in three-jazz (daily + hourly) bundles. These bundles include a combination of (2-daily + 1-hourly) packages and cost less than 40 rupees. It is a simple and inexpensive bundle offered to all Jazz Warid prepaid customers.

Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB

These are the 3 bundles come under the “Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB” umbrella. It is now up to you to decide which bucket best suits your personality from the following list of Jazz 1-Day Offers:

List of Jazz 1GB Daily Offers:

  • Jazz Daily Social
  • Jazz Daily Mega
  • Super Ghanta Offer

Let’s go over each bundle to make the content easier to read for Pakistanis looking for daily 1-GB deals.

1st Package (Social 1GB)

For 15 rupees, you will receive 1GB (1000 MBs) of storage space for social media apps exclusively. This bundle is good for one day (daily) and works 24 hours, seven days a week after activation. Dial *968# to activate 1GB social on prepaid SIM for 16 rupees.

Offer Name: Daily Social
Data: 1GB
Access On: Social App
Validity: 1-Day
Price: Rs 16
SUB-Code: *968#

Note: This offer gives access to YouTube, Facebook (FB), and WhatsApp through this 1st offer.

2nd Package (Mega 1GB)

This bucket also contains 1GB (1000 MBs). However, its data can be accessed over the regular internet on 3G/4G devices. Dial *117*4# to activate Mega bucket and receive 1GB for Rs 30.

Offer Name: Daily Mega
Data: 1GB
Validity: 1-Day
Price: Rs 30
SUB-Code: *117*4#
Check Code: *117*4*2#

3rd Offer (Super Ghanta)

This bundle is also a 1-GB bucket from Jazz. However, the validity is one hour rather than one day. Dial *638# to obtain this bucket for Rs 10 for all 3G/4G SIM cards.

Offer Name: Super Ghanta
Data: 1GB
Validity: 1 Hour
Price: Rs 10
SUB-Code: *638#
Check Code: *638*2#

Check 1000 MBs (Offer)

Checking off each Jazz 1GB bucket is accomplished by substituting *2# for the (#) at the end of each sub-code. Furthermore, Jazz 1GB buckets support the official app to inquire about the remaining data-free.

Conclusion on Unique PKG

We all know that Jazz 4G impresses with its unique buckets and that the validity of each bundle differs from Zong, Ufone, and Telenor. As a result, we choose Jazz while offering a variety of internet bundles daily, weekly, and monthly basis.