Jazz Daily Super Offer | Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code

Jazz Daily Super Offer | Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code

You can get 150Mbs, 1440 Minutes, and 50 SMS for 24 hours for the best price. If you want to subscribe to the Jazz Daily Super Offer for just 18 rupees, you can do so now!

They always look for a one-day deal with Mobilink, and they never give up. To help them, we will show them a new 24 hours best data, text, and call bundle that costs less than PKR 20. This means that their search is over. Yes!

This deal is only good for one day, and the bundle will give you all of the basic incentives with no time limit. We have given you all the information you need about this bundle, including the price and the coupon code, below.

Jazz Daily Super Offer

You can now sign up for this offer and get 150 Mbps of 4G data, 1440 ON-NET Jazz to Jazz minutes, and 50 SMS valid for all Pakistani networks when you use this deal!

Offer Details:

Offer Name: Daily Super
Data: 150 Mbps
SMS: 50
On-Net Minutes: 1440
Price: PKR 18
Recharge Required: PKR 20
Validity: 24 Hours
STATUS: *212*2#
INFO: *212*3#
UN-SUB: *212*4#

How To Subscribe Offer?

There are two codes you need to use to get this deal. When you call the number *444#, choose “Daily Offer” from the list. When you use the second method, you have to dial *212#, and you will be automatically subscribed to this bundle.

How To Un-Subscribe Offer?

You can unsubscribe from this offer by calling *212*4#. To unsubscribe, call this number.

Check the Code

To see how many points you have left on this daily deal, you can dial *212*2#. In a pop-up message, you will see all the information.

Validity and cost

Because of the tax, the user must have at least PKR 20 to use this offer. In other words, this deal is only good for one day and 24 hours. Click here to learn more about the Jazz Full Balance Offer from this page.

Term and Conditions

  • A fee will be charged to set up the call.
  • For a limited time, you can get this for a very low price
  • The reward amount can be changed at any time.
  • Offer: The network can change or end the deal.
  • Mobilink has the power to change the price or the length of the contract.