Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook | Jazz Monthly Facebook Package

Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook | Jazz Monthly Facebook Package

If you live in the city of lights, you can now get the Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook deal for a low price each month. 5GB Facebook for Rs 46 a month. You can get it for 30 days at a time for that price.

People love to make new friends on Facebook because it is so easy to meet new people. You can do many things on this social network: update your status, share photos, tag friends, watch videos, and connect with everyone in the world. That’s the reason why people love to use Facebook.

Every one of the people who live near you must use Facebook. No matter how smart you are, anyone can use this app. That’s why Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook was made just for this social media app.

Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook

Follow these options to subscribe to this offer.

  • Dial *532# from your Jazz SIM card to get the number to dial.
  • There are charges for this offer. They are Rs 46.
  • People who want to use the service must have at least 50 rupees in their account.
  • The deal is good for 30 days.
  • For the status, call *532*2#.

Details about the offer:

Offer Name: Karachi Facebook
Data: 5GB
Data Type: FB Only
Price: Rs 44.5
Recharge Required: Rs 50
Validity: 30 Days
SUB-Code: *532#
Status: *532*2#

Note: This offer is valid for residents of Karachi only.

Facebook Likes Comments

Yes! You can send pictures if you have 5 GB of the fastest 4G data for FB. It’s also possible for people to leave comments and like photos on the website. This data is available to the user at all times, and there is never a break in it. However, users must be careful because this bundle has no extra incentives.

Fastest 4G Data Speed

Jazz has the fastest 4G data speed on these packages so that you can get them. Subscribers will enjoy Facebook HD images, video streaming, and quick chat because they can use the site. Subscribe to a social bundle and enjoy it for 30 days at a time without stopping. You can learn more about Sindh Super Night Offer from this link.

Term and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for prepaid users only.
  • Only people who live in Karachi can use this deal.
  • Facebook will only be able to use 5GB of data.
  • To get the discount, you’ll need to pay PKR 46.