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All Jazz 4G Internet devices, including Jazz MBB, WIFI, MIFI, and device packages, are detailed and priced here. The Jazz MBB Packages List is shown below.

All networks in Pakistan have been updated since the introduction of 4G technology. As a result, all 3G internet devices have been replaced by fourth-generation (or 4G) devices. As a result, we have described the costs, packages, and validity of each bundle and their other fundamental information for all Jazz 4G devices.

With the introduction of 4G, it is now much easier to connect to the internet on Jazz (data devices). Many machines are classified according to their size, signal range, power consumption, and user connectivity power.

Jazz MBB Packages

These deals are available for all Jazz devices. As a result, these are all-inclusive packages. However, we have included a link to each bundle to take you further.

The price, device MBs, package validity, and amount of data (3G/4G) MBs are listed below in the chart that comes with each Jazz MBB data bundle. As a result, to get all of the details, you must read the entire essay from beginning to end.

Jazz MBB Packages (Basic)

Activate the monthly basic package to receive 25 GB of data, 12 GB of which will be usable from 1 AM to 1 PM. This bundle is only available in PKR 888. The subscription and check codes are as follows:

Offer Name: Monthly Basic
Data: 25 GB
Timing: 12 GB
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 888
Sub-Code: *117*71#
Status Code: *117*71*2#
UN-SUB Code: *117*71*4#

Jazz MBB Packages (Regular)

The regular monthly data bundle is now only available for PKR 1850. The customer will receive 60 GB, 30 GB of which will only be open from 1 AM to 1 PM.

Offer Name: Monthly Regular
Data: 60 GB
Timing: 30 GB
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 1850
Sub-Code: *117*73#
Status Code: *117*73*2#
UN-SUB Code: *117*73*4#

Mega MBB Package

100 GB monthly mega bundle is available in PKR 2100 only. Other information can be found in the description box:

Offer Name: Monthly Mega
Data: 100 GB
Timing: 50 GB
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 2100
Sub-Code: *117*36#
Status Code: *117*36*2#
UN-SUB Code: *117*36*4#

Heavy MBB Packages

The hefty package is for members who wish to receive the most MBs possible. As a result, this bundle includes 150 GB of storage space for 30 days.

Offer Name: Monthly Heavy
Data: 150 GB
Timing: 75 GB
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 2600
Sub-Code: *117*74#
Status Code: *117*74*2#
UN-SUB Code:     –

MBB Package (3-Months)

The Jazz 3 months bundle is our first long-term bundle. The package is valid for 90 days and includes 50 GB of data. The bundle costs PKR 5750 in total.

Offer Name: 3-Months
Data: 50 GB
Validity: 90 Days
Price: PKR 5750
Sub-Code: *117*15#
Status Code: *117*17*2#
UN-SUB Code: *117*15*4#

MBB Package (6-Months)

The final bundle is a 6-month deal. The offer includes 100 GB of storage space for only PKR 12500. The following codes are provided:

Offer Name: 6-Months
Data: 100 GB
Validity: 300 Days
Price: PKR 12500
Sub-Code: *117*16#
Status Code: *117*18*2#
UN-SUB Code: *117*16*4#

Jazz Device Prices

These three well-known Jazz internet gadgets, together with their official prices, are listed in the box below:

Device: Price:
Jazz 4G Wingle PKR 3000
Jazz 4G WIFI PKR 4200
Jazz Home WIFI PKR 5500

How To Buy Device?

Suppose you want to purchase a new Jazz internet device. In that case, you can do so by visiting your nearest Jazz care center (franchise) or Jazz point and receiving your new device following biometric authentication.


Jazz is the greatest network for 3G/4G and LTE internet access. This is why we highlighted its packages and gadget prices before. Please leave them in the comments section if you have any further queries. You can also find additional INFO & FAQs on Jazz’s official website.

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