Jazz MBB Reactivate Offer 2022 | Get FREE 15GB Data

Jazz MBB Reactivate Offer 2022 | Get FREE 15GB Data

Jazz gives out free bandwidth to users who haven’t used their Jazz MBB gadget in over three months. To deliver high-speed internet, Pakistan’s most extensive network, Jazz, has released Jazz MBB, Wingle, and Home WIFI devices. You may utilize the internet on your mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops through WIFI and ethernet connection from these devices.

These smartphones are the cheapest on the market, and you can use Jazz data SIMs in them. If your Jazz gadget is unlocked, you may use any network SIM card to access the fastest 4G internet. Jazz is giving free internet to MBB device users in the same way it extends reconnection offers to prepaid and postpaid consumers.

Jazz MBB Reactivate Offer 2022:

Jazz gives an MBB device reconnection offer that includes 15GB of internet for seven days. By activating the monthly MBB subscription, you may obtain more data. Customers who have never used their MBB smartphone before may get 50GB of data for just Rs.999 PKR. To activate this deal on your data SIM, dial *6363*8#. For the next 30 days, you will get an additional 50GB of internet.

You may call this same number on your Jazz MBB SIM to access the accessible data 15GB internet on your not-in-use MBB gadget. After subscribing to the monthly 50GB data package, you will get 15GB for free.

Package Name Jazz MBB Device Reconnection Offer
Price Rs.999 including Tax
Internet 50GB + FREE 15GB Data
Subscription Dial *6363*8#
Remaining Check code Dial *6363*8*2#
Unsubscription Code Dial *6363*8*4#
Validity 50GB for 30 Days
15GB for 7 Days

Here’s another way to obtain free internet on your prepaid SIM card. If your Jazz SIM has been inactive for three months, you may get unlimited free internet. To activate this plan for free, call *553#. You may use this free internet on any prepaid SIM card that isn’t in use and hasn’t been recharged in the last three months.

Prepaid SIM Card Reconnection Offer: 

If you haven’t used your Jazz prepaid or postpaid SIM in more than two months, you may receive free 6GB of internet and unlimited phone conversations. You must have at least Rs.0.10 paisa in your account to get all of these resources.

If you don’t have enough balance on your SIM, recharge it by dialing *553*3#. You will get information on the status of your SIM card. If you are eligible, you will get a message containing package information. If you are not qualified for this package, you will be informed that you are not eligible.

This free internet and bundle may be used on any other device. You can obtain free internet on your MBB SIM and utilize it in your home network, Wi-Fi device, and 3G & 4G Wingle if you have a home router or Wingle. All telecom carriers offer their clients this bundle to profit from and resume utilizing SIM cards.

Final Words:

Keep in mind that the SIM has been inactive for more than three months. Turn off this SIM again if you are not qualified for this deal. After a month or so, turn it back on and activate this package again. You’ll receive 15 GB of free internet once the bundle is enabled. You may get additional information by dialing 111. You may use your Wi-Fi app to activate packages and get information about them.