Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Code *699*6*1#

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees Code

Jazz Monthly Call Package, 70 rupees via three different bundles of Jazz 4G having On + Off network minutes, are present in these three packages that will let you get all network minutes in 70 rupees only.

Jazz 4G has launched three new bundles to provide you with a full month’s call connection for Rs 70. However, the subscription process is the most problematic aspect of these packages, which remain onerous for prepaid users.

As a result, we have detailed the subscription and availability of minutes for 30 days at Rs 70 with proof here. Furthermore, extra information regarding these buckets is available here. So stay in touch with us for the most up-to-date information.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 70 Rupees

You must activate one of the three packages provided. These three bundles each cost 70 rupees, excluding VAT. However, with the imposition of taxes, this figure rises marginally.

This is the list of two packages that come in Rs 70, but the validity of both buckets is 30 days:

  • First package: Make your own monthly (on + off) network minutes bucket in 70 rupees
  • Second Package: Get 35 off-network and 250 Jazz minutes in Rs 70 via Mahana Bachat Package
  • Third Package: 2.5GB, 500 Jazz Minutes, 2500 SMS, 30 Off-Net Minutes in Rs 70 via *699*6*1#

Let’s look at each bundle independently, which costs 70 rupees and provides telecom resources in 2022.

1st Package (Make Your Bucket)

Remember when Jazz introduced a “customization option” for prepaid customers? This tool allows you to modify and create your bundle at the set pricing. As a result, dial *303*30# and select the plan that best suits your needs (on-net, off-net, SMS, MBs) and a validity period of 30 days. This is the most reliable Jazz Monthly Calling plan source at 70 rupees.

Offer Name: Make Own Offer
MBs: Self Select
SMS: Self Select
On + Off Minutes: You Select
Price: Select Rs 70
SUB-Code: *303*30#

Note: The network automatically customizes the price based on the customer’s incentive selection. As a result, choose incentives when the price for the monthly bucket automatically rises to Rs 70.

2nd Package (Mahana Bachat Bucket)

Likewise, this bucket costs 70 rupees and includes 2000 SMS, 250 Jazz Minutes, 35 Other Minutes, and 4GB of data for 2G/3G/4G customers. The following package’s subscription code is *614# string.

Offer Name: Mahana Bachat
SMS: 2000
MBs: 4000
Jazz Minutes: 250
Other Minutes: 35
Original Price: Rs 70
Required Load: Rs 120
SUB-Code: *614#

Note: Rs 70 is the excluding tax price. However, once (FED, AIT, and GST) are applied, the cost becomes 120, the final price Plus tax value.

3rd Package (Discount Call Offer)

Dial *699*6*1# to receive 2.5GB, 500 Jazz Minutes, 2500 SMS, and 30 Off-Net Minutes for Rs 70 as part of a Discount Offer.

Offer Name: Discount Offer
SMS: 2500
MBs: 2500
Jazz Minutes: 500
Other Minutes: 30
Original Price: Rs 70
Required Load: Rs 99
SUB-Code: *699*6*1#

It should be noted that it is a monthly all-in-one bucket for all prepaid subscribers.

SMS, Minutes & MBs in Rs 70

SMS, Minutes & MBs in Rs 70 As a result, these two buckets comprise an all-in-one monthly plan of 70 rupees that delivers SMS, Minutes, and MBs at a fixed price.

Check 70 Rupees Offers

Jazz has released the “Jazz World App,” a one-stop-shop for incentive research for all three buckets. Launch the app and check the remaining incentives (MBs, SMS, and Minutes) and the balance.

EverGreen Packages

These three bundles are evergreen buckets since their reasonable rates and validity period are limited to “monthly” for prepaid users. As a result, the trend of 70 rupees “Call Package” is increasing daily.

Terms & Conditions

  • All packages are priced at 70 rupees.
  • Three monthly bundles are available.
  • Only prepaid Jazz subscribers can activate GST, FED, and AIT taxes on deals.
  • If you need more information, please leave a comment below.