Jazz Monthly SMS Packages 2022 | Jazz Monthly SMS Code 2022

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Subscribe to the latest Jazz Monthly SMS Packages for 30 days and enjoy. Choose your SMS bundle wisely based on your usage to save money.

With the start of the New Year, all codes for Monthly SMS offers were changed. Following the change in regulations, the company made minor changes to the quantity of Hybrid bundles merchandise.

Jazz has introduced 15+ hybrid bundles that include SMS, Mbps, and minutes. All of these bundles must be posted on a single page. As a result, prepare to enjoy these fantastic packages.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

The SMS package list begins here, and the MBS, SMS, and Minutes are listed below. Each package’s price is listed along with its SUB and UNSUB codes. As a result, consider these bundles one by one:


Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Package Name: Monthly WhatsApp, IMO & SMS Bundle
SMS: 12000
WhatsApp: 5 GB
Price: PKR 75
Sub-Code: *101*1*02#

Jazz Monthly SMS Hybrid

Package Name: Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle
SMS: 1000
Mbps: 1000
On-Net Minutes: 10000
Off-Net Minutes: 50
Price: PKR 444
Sub-Code: *430#

Jazz Monthly All-Rounder

Package Name Jazz Monthly All Rounder
SMS: 1500
Mbps: 5000
On-Net Minutes: 200
Validity: 30 Days
Price: PKR 596
Sub-Code: *2000#

Jazz Super Duper Package

Get 3000 SMS for all networks that support 3000 Mbps. Receive 3000 On-Net minutes and 150 Off-Net minutes for only PKR 577. Visit our website for more information on other bundles.

Package Name: Jazz Super Duper Monthly Package
SMS: 3000
Mbps: 3000
On-Net Minutes: 3000
Off-Net Mints: 150
Price: PKR 577
Sub-Code: *706#

Jazz Super Duper Plus Offer

Package Name: Jazz Monthly Super-Duper Plus Offer
SMS: 5000
Mbps: 10GB
On-Net Minutes: 5000
Off-Net Mints: 300
Price: PKR 977
Sub-Code: *707#

Jazz Super Duper Card

Package Name: Jazz Super Duper Card
SMS: 2000
Mbps: 2 GB
On-Net Minutes: 2000
Off-Net Mints: 150
Price: PKR 600
Sub-Code: *601#

Monthly Super Duper Plus

Package Name: Monthly Super Duper Plus
SMS: 5000
Mbps: 10GB
On-Net Minutes: 5000
Off-Net Mints: 300
Price: PKR 977
Sub-Code: *707#

Terms & Conditions

  • All taxes must be payable
  • All terms and conditions will be followed.
  • In territory areas, additional charges may apply.
  • These promotions will expire after one month.
  • Subscribers must pay more than just the subscription fee.
  • You can also subscribe to different packages while having one of these.
  • Area coverage and service quality may change or affect service.
  • The offer will expire one month from the date and time of subscription.
  • When users subscribe to another package, these packages will not change.
  • Click here for more information and frequently asked questions.