Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer Sub, Unsub & Timing

Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer Sub, Unsub & Timing

Subscribe to the Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer and get 25GB of data for only Rs 85. To take advantage of this deal, Dail *117*1#.

Using the package’s name, it’s evident that the customer will access 4G data at high speeds. The excessive MBs of 25GB data may be had for as little as Rs 85 (taxes included). It’s all a result of the very tight timeline for this package.

The bundle MBs are available to subscribers for seven days. However, a Mobilink representative has defined when this package will be on sale. Subscribers may only utilize 4G data during the hours of 12 AM and 12 PM, according to a properly planned schedule. This package requires customers to use data only to save money at a specific day period.

Details on the Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer

The 7-day data bundle is detailed in the table below. The 25GB (25,000 MBs) monthly bucket is another name for this package. We’ve updated this bucket in 2022 since it’s been so popular. However, we’ve also included a one-sentence summary of the box for your convenience:

A week (7 days) of unlimited 4G LTE data is yours for the taking when you sign up for this package.

Offer Name: Weekly Extreme
Data: 25 GB
Validity: 7 Days
Timing: 12 AM to 12 PM
Price: Rs 85
SUB-Code: *117*1#
Status: *117*1*2#
Data Type: 3G/4G
Helpline: 111

Please be aware that 3G/4G SIM cards from any provider will work with the 25GB of data (12 AM to 12 PM)

Weekly Extreme SUB-Code

Please call *117*1# from your jazz SIM to subscribe to the weekly extreme 25 GB data package. The package may only be purchased if the user has Rs. 80 in their account. Subscription fees are merely PKR 85.

25GB Un-SUB Offer

The unsubscription code for the weekly data extreme bundle was not mentioned on the official Mobilink website. Jazz World’s “Jazz World App” may be used to see the bundle’s information and unsubscribe from the promotion.

Time Usage Policy:

As a result of this time, these big data megabytes may be purchased for only PKR 85. The network has included a particular time into this data bundle. This data may be used only between 12 AM and 12 PM for seven days. As a result, this bundle may only be unbound at certain times.

Term and Condition.

  • The data bundle includes all applicable taxes.
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G SIM cards can access data.
  • Substitute and double-check remaining data using codes.
  • The bundle may be subscribed to around the clock.
  • Please use the “Jazz World App” to unsubscribe from the bundle.
  • Click here for FAQs and more information.