Jazz Weekly Premium Package 2022 – Internet & Minutes

Jazz Weekly Premium Package 2022

You can get 4000MB and 50 all-network minutes for 169 rupees, which includes the tax on pre-paid SIM cards and is a good deal.

Is it possible for you to activate an all-in-one Jazz package (calling and internet) every week? If so, then Jazz Weekly Premium? Then what else could be better than Jazz Weekly Premium? If you buy this package, you can call on any network and use the fastest 4G internet.

On the other hand, one of the most important things about this package is that you can use it. That means you can use the internet or call on any network you want to do so. There is no restriction on when you can use the Jazz Weekly Premium bucket. You can use it at any time of the day or night (PM or AM).

Jazz Weekly Premium Details

Most of the benefits of Jazz Weekly Premium come with 4000 MBs that work on all of the platforms you use, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. On the other hand, whether you have a pre-paid SIM card (3G or 4G) or not, you can still use this offer.

But keep in mind that when you sign up for this deal, you must have more money than PKR 169 because taxes may make the price go up when you start the bucket.

4GB & 50 Minutes (Info)

You can see everything here, from the package incentives and subscribe codes to check codes and prices:

Offer Name: Weekly Premium
Data: 4-GB
All-Net Minutes: 50
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 169
SUB-Code: *117*47#
Check Code: *117*47*2#

Activate Premium via App

Jazz World App is the second way to activate the next (Minutes + MBs) package. It works 100% of the time. This is how to get the deal through the app:

  • Download the Jazz World app.
  • You’re now going to click on “packages.”
  • Then move on to “Hybrid” packages.
  • “Jazz Weekly Premium” is what you should search for.
  • Finally, click “subscribe” and turn on the offer.

There is a simple way to make this package work for you for the next seven days. You will get internet MBs and all the minutes on the phone.

Final Words

Also, you can look at the MBs and Minutes on the Jazz World App. We’ve only talked about getting this offer through the app here. Use the same app and open the Jazz world app to see how many MBs and Minutes are left. Then, ask about the current MBs and Minutes.