Jihad Smith showed off phantom gun on social media before arrest: Feds

A parolee with a violent past has been arrested after he posted a photo on Instagram showing him showing off an untraceable phantom gun, federal prosecutors said.

Jihad Smith was driving on Saw Mill River Parkway on Feb. 20 when another driver allegedly rolled out his window while stopped at a traffic light, authorities said.

The rude gesture apparently enraged Smith, who began hitting them with the sweatshirt and allegedly threatened them with the phantom gun, according to prosecutors.

The driver called the police, who caught Smith and his passenger after their car crashed into a guardrail as they tried to flee, according to the Manhattan Federal Court filing.

Officers later found the Polymer80 9mm phantom handgun, or guns that don’t have serial numbers and can be assembled from kits or 3D printed, under the passenger seat, authorities allege.

Smith, whose rap sheet includes convictions for robbery and attempted murder, had previously posted a picture of the gun on social media, authorities found.

weapon used to threaten another driver
Smith had previously posted a photo of his gun on social media.

Weapons that are untraceable or 3D-printed are considered ghost weapons.

Smith was later charged with illegal transportation of firearms.

Smith was held without bail and is due back in court on March 22.

His attorney did not immediately respond to requests for comment.