Jonathan Abram twists Dibo Samuel’s leg to spark 49ers-Seahawks brawl

Seahawks safety Jonathan Abram sparked a scuffle after Deebo Samuel’s big catch during the 49ers’ wild-card game against the Seahawks on Saturday.

On third down during the Seattle-49ers wild-card game, Samuel caught a slant pass from Brock Purdy, weaved through defenders and was eventually tackled near the Seahawks’ 15-yard line.

Abram played with Samuel by twisting the leg of the handset after it had fallen.

Samuel motioned for the referees to do something – which eventually led to the two teams brawling on the pitch. No penalty what is called to Abram.

Anus the clash, Purdy scored on a fourth down sneak to put the 49ers up 23-17. San Francisco’s offense exploded a quarter later. A touchdown by Elijah Mitchell preceded a 74-yard touchdown run by Samuel to put the 49ers up 38-17 in the fourth quarter.