Judiciary must be free from establishment’s sway: Swati

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Azam Swati said the country cannot move forward until the judiciary comes out of the influence of the establishment and plays its impartial role in delivering justice to the needy masses.

He said this on Saturday while addressing reporters at the District Courts, where the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) election was underway.

“Remember one thing, Pakistan cannot be put on the path of prosperity if there is no rule of law,” he added.

Swati said everyone is looking towards the judiciary “but unfortunately the doors of the highest court of the country are closed”.

“The Judiciary should play its role to bring to book those who consider themselves above the law to create the impression that all are equal in the eyes of the law,” he observed.

The PTI leader said justice was not served in the case of slain journalist Arshad Sharif, who was allegedly killed in police firing in Kenya last October.

“It seems Arshad’s family has been left helpless behind the truck’s red light.”

He also called on the new command of the armed forces to play their role for the survival of the economy, morality and social values. Swati urged the military to bring to book those who tarnished the image of the institution by violating the Constitution.

The PTI leader said he would “keep chasing him”.

Swati was released from a sub-jail in Islamabad earlier this month on January 3, a month after he was arrested for using abusive language on social media against senior military officers.

He was jailed on November 27 after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) charged him in Islamabad with a “campaign of intimidating tweets against state institutions”, including the former army chief.