Junaid Khan reveals why he quit singing for acting

Singer-turned-actor Junaid Khan on Friday finally revealed why he quit singing for acting, a question most of his fans are asking. Junaid Khan answered questions in a quick round on ‘The Fourth Umpire’ show hosted by superstar Fahad Mustafa with comedian Faizan Sheikh and former cricketer Azhar Ali. The cricketer was asked why he chose acting over singing. His options were not being able to earn bread and butter, no one accepting him as a singer or Xulfi, his band member Call, advising him to choose this profession. He chose the cuisine option, which means that one cannot rely on singing alone to earn bread and butter. In addition, the actor showed off his dancing skills in the show. Junaid Khan said that he is just an artist. He added that people need a medium to express themselves. The celebrity said that she started with music and then acting. Junaid Khan, answering a question about why the bands split, said that the members are like a family and there are problems between them.