Kajal Aggarwal apologised for putting up a poem without giving credits to the original owner

On Mother’s Day, Kajal Aggarwal shared a lengthy poem titled “Dear Mum” on Instagram. The actress paid tribute to her mother with the moving remarks. An anonymous social media profile swiftly called out her post, and the original author, Sarah, commented as well.

Kajal soon apologized and recognized the original author in the post. “To follow up on the events of last night, I thought I’d share that I received a direct message from Kajal Aggarwal apologizing for what happened,” Sarah posted on Instagram. I’ve received some intriguing messages from folks I think to be fans of the actress. There’s a little more to it than that. I’m glad it’s over because I wish I could have been there. Thank you to everyone who assisted me in gaining recognition for my original work. I’ll be content after this is passed.”

On their first mother’s day together, Kajal had written an emotional note to her son Neil. She talks about how glad and excited she is to have him in her life. and much more