Kardashian fans accuse Kylie Jenner of being ‘disgusting’ for wearing ‘offensive loop necklace’ at Paris fashion show

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed by critics for wearing a necklace that looked like a noose during a recent outing.

The star was spotted rocking the Givenchy piece while in Paris.


Kylie Jenner is facing backlash for wearing a loop necklaceCredit: Getty
The star rocked the Givenchy piece while in Paris for Fashion Week


The star rocked the Givenchy piece while in Paris for Fashion WeekCredit: Getty

Kylie, 25, is facing backlash for wearing the necklace while in the City of Light for Fashion Week.

The Hulu star paired the controversial piece with a bright blue dress that hugged her curves and showed off her petite frame.

On her feet she also had a pair of shiny pink Givenchy boots.

The mum-of-two shared snaps of the set on social media, posing with her back to the camera in the first two photos.

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In the third, however, she was spotted straight up, giving fans and critics a full look at her necklace.

Photos of the star’s jewelry were shared on the Kardashian theme online forumswhere commentators were vehement in their distaste.

One hater wrote: “This is disgusting. Omg.”

Someone else called it “wrong in many ways.”

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A third commenter wrote: “I think it’s ugly and not a good look, visually or artistically. That said. She’s probably been told to wear these things by stylists. It’s not like she’s making these choices on her own. She can say no to things, of course, but I don’t think it’s entirely her fault.”


This isn’t the only criticism Kylie has faced in recent days.

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was criticized for stepping out in another much-talked-about ensemble.

She was photographed wearing a curve-hugging black dress with a huge fake cut-out lion head attached to the front.

Kylie wore the dress to the Schiaparelli couture show.

The live lion head, complete with a full mane, was sewn into the bodice of Kylie’s dress.

She completed the look with a black velvet dress, gold-toed shoes and a crocodile leather bag.

Kylie held the lion head as she sat front row at the fashion show.

In new ones Instagram photos of the dress in question, Kylie captioned: “BEAUTY AND THE BUILDING.

“Thank you Daniel Roseberry and Schiaparelli for such a special morning. Wow I loved wearing this faux art creation handmade using man-made materials. beautiful beautiful.”

While the mother-of-two was clearly happy with her controversial look, online critics slammed her outfit as ‘harsh’ and ‘twisted’.

Of the 35,000 comments on her Instagram photos, most followers criticized Kylie for missing the mark.

Kardashian critics also had a blast on a popular Reddit page following the famous family, with one person writing: “I know it’s a fake lion head, but it’s jarring.”

“This made me so sad. she hates cruella de vil. I’m not a tree hugging vegan but how can you look at this and not remind me of a decapitated lion? It’s a bit cruel to wear a lion head as some trophy,” she wrote another one.

“It makes taxidermy real,” gushed another.

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Someone criticized: “I don’t like this. I know it’s fake, but still. Using animals purely for fashion is just wrong. It has a Jungle Book, colonial ‘White Man rule the world’ vibe. Using beautiful creatures for vanity. Blue.”

One Redditor tried to offer some positivity, writing: “All Schiaparelli heads are man made. They are hand sculpted, the process is really quite impressive!”

But most weren’t having it, with another writing: “She’s disgusting for doing this. I mean, what does that tell you? Seriously. Come on.”


Despite the drama, Kylie was widely praised for her appearance in a variety of looks during Paris Fashion Week, including wearing a beautiful skin-tight blue dress.

The reality star showed off her super slim waist and famous derriere in a light blue floor-length dress and pink sparkly boots.

Complete the look with a silver choker necklace and a pair of sunglasses.

Her long black hair was tied in a simple bun.

The TV personality was spotted arriving for lunch at Dinand from Ferdi’s restaurant in Paris.

Kylie flaunted her curves in a couture Maison Margiela mini dress.

An Instagram video showed Kylie walking down the floor-to-ceiling runway amid a crowd of seated spectators.

She turned heads in the pastel-blue silk dress designed by the ‘iconoclastic, avant-garde fashion house’.

The dress was teamed with a sheer ruffled shawl that did little to hide the make-up mogul’s long legs in the short babydoll dress.

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Fans were quick to comment on the look, with one person writing: “She looks so good!!”

The beauty mogul also showed off her latex underwear underneath, posing in a cone bra for a series of steamy pictures.

He was also criticized for wearing a costume with a realistic lion head


He was also criticized for wearing a costume with a realistic lion headCredit: Getty


Critics called the set “disgusting,” among other thingsCredit: Mega Agency
However, Kylie has received a lot of praise for her appearance during recent events


However, Kylie has received a lot of praise for her appearance during recent eventsCredit: Instagram