Kardashian fans suspect Kim had a nose job and cheekbones in new photos at Dolce & Gabbana fashion show

Kim Kardashian has secretly gone under the knife according to fans after seeing new fashion show footage of the star.

The 42-year-old has repeatedly been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, denying that he has had extensive work done.


Kim Kardashian has sparked rumors that she secretly went under the knifeCredit: Reuters
The star was seen sporting a completely different look at a fashion show


The star was seen sporting a completely different look at a fashion showCredit: Reuters

Kim was photographed at a recent Dolce & Gabbana fashion show rocking a sparkly red bar top with a matching ankle length skirt.

Her long dark hair hung loosely around her shoulders.

She appeared to be sporting bangs, a style she hasn’t worn in a while.

The Hulu personality also had at least two cross necklaces that varied in size.

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Snaps from the event were shared on a Kardashian message board where fans speculated about her appearance.

Close-ups from the star-studded outing showed Kim sporting a seemingly slimmer nose and rounder cheeks.

Fans have attributed the change in the SKKN mogul’s appearance to plastic surgery, although this has not been confirmed.

One person pleaded: “Kim you’re beautiful! Stop doing things to your face! It’s done. It’s only going to get worse from here. Wait until you’re 60 and maybe get a life like the rest of us.”

Another speculated: “That’s a fresh nose,” while another wrote, “Nose, I’m sure of it.”

A fourth commenter reacted: “Looks like she’s had something done to her cheeks.”

Kim’s appearance has changed drastically over the years,


Fans have repeatedly speculated about changes to her nose and butt.

Earlier this month, Kim shared photos from a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to speak at Harvard Business School.

The photos were shared on Reddit along with photos of her “old” face for comparison purposes.

In one photo, the TV personality posed in the back seat of a limousine wearing a pin-striped suit and a Harvard baseball cap.

The hat covered most of her face in the selfie, with only her nose and lips visible underneath.

Kim’s nose didn’t look drastically different, but that didn’t stop fans from noticing subtle differences between the latest snap and an older photo.

The original user captioned his post: “I think Kim got a little rhinoplasty just to raise the tip of her nose and I think that’s the secret behind her new face…”

Others filled the comments with their own theories, with one writing: “How are their faces not permanently bruised from the constant tweaking?”

“I feel like the pics they’re posting are older than we think as a way to avoid seeing them with their cosmetic surgery healing process. They could also get bruises and stuff,” guessed a second fan.

“I think she’s definitely trying to fix the gap between her lip and nose,” claimed one user.


Kim previously addressed the plastic surgery rumors in an interview with Allure.

She claimed during the hearing that she never had fillers in her lips or cheeks, admitting she only got “a little botox” on her forehead.

He told the report: “No filler. Never had one (lips or cheeks) filled in, ever.’

She had previously told her fans that she had injected her bum, but not for the reasons fans might think.

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She once confessed to getting “a cortisone shot” in her butt.

Kim has never admitted to having butt implants, although fans believe she did or did at one point.

Kim's appearance has changed significantly over the years


Kim’s appearance has changed significantly over the yearsCredit: Getty
Fans have repeatedly speculated that she had a nose job


Fans have repeatedly speculated that she had a nose jobCredit: Beats by Dre
She denied these claims along with reports that she had implants or injections in her buttocks


She denied these claims along with reports that she had implants or injections in her buttocksCredit: Getty