Kendrick Lamar releases track about accepting his trans relatives

Fans praised the rapper for dropping the "powerful" song as state legislatures nationwide consider a record number of bills targeting transgender people.

The rapper, Kendrick Lamar, released what some fans call a “barrier-breaking song” about accepting his transgender family.

Lamar released his highly anticipated album “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.” In the initial lyrics of one song, “Auntie Diaries,” Lamar raps, “My auntie is a man now / I suppose I’m old enough to comprehend now,” relating the narrative of his “auntie,” who is a trans man, and his path to embracing him.

He also raps about a trans woman’s cousin, the homophobia and transphobia his relatives endured, and his development.

Lamar raps, “We ain’t know no better / Elementary kids with no filter, however,” referring to a homophobic slur, and then tells how he grew proud of his relative: “My auntie became a man, and I took pride in it.” However, he relates how his buddies “stare” when his relative picks him up from school.

“They couldn’t comprehend what I grew accustomed to,” he raps.

He raps about how a preacher opposed his cousin’s transition and how he countered their ideas. “‘Mr. Preacher man, should we love our neighbor? / The rules of the country of the heart, which is greater?”

Later on, he raps about how standing up for his cousin brought his family closer. “The day I chose humanity before religion, the family grew closer, and everything was forgiven.”

Some fans on Twitter have praised the song and its message, with one person describing it as “a truly barrier-breaking son in hip-hop.”

Another fan called Lamar’s tune “powerful” since it came when dozens of states around the country were considering more than 200 anti-LGBTQ measures, the majority of which targeted transgender youngsters.


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