Khuli Khidki Voovi Web Series Watch Online All Episodes 2022

Khuli Khidki Voovi Web Series Watch Online All Episodes 2022

In this article, I’ll talk about the Khuli Khidki Voovi web series’s actors, actresses, roles, story, wiki, all episodes, release date, how to watch online for free, Review, and much more.

Today, the trailer for the upcoming web series Khuli Khidki was posted on YouTube by the popular ott platform Voovi. This web series is a mix of fantasy, drama, and romance. Currently, a new web series is on the Voovi app every week. Everyone on the planet loves the Voovi web series.

Khuli Khidki Web Series

This is the story of a woman named Meena who got married. Meena’s husband doesn’t give her everything she wants, so she doesn’t sleep with him. Meena’s stockers are two boys from the village named Vikas and Rakesh. They want to make love to Meena. Will Meena let them help her satisfy her sexual urges? The voovi app will soon have a new web series called “Khuli Khidki.”

The Voovi app has given its subscribers back-to-back high-quality web series in the past few weeks. “Jaan Bujh kar” and “Rangili Ragini” are the last two web shows on the Voovi app.

The Voovi app lets you watch all of the episodes of this web series online. But one thing makes sure that the Voovi app is not free. If you want to watch web series, you should buy a subscription. A monthly subscription to the Voovi app starts at 99.

If you buy a subscription to the Voovi app, you can watch any web series that is released on the Voovi app. This web series came out very soon on the Voovi app. You can see when this web series comes out below.

Khuli Khidki Cast

We don’t know everything about the people who make the Khuli Khidki web series. We’ll have more to say about this post soon. Don’t worry.

Date of Arrival

Khuli Khidki came out on October 14, 2022, and was only available on the Voovi app. There are two episodes of this web series. Every episode is between 15 and 30 minutes long. Khuli Khidki was made available in Hindi.


Since the Khuli Khidki web series hasn’t come out yet, we can’t review it. This article’s web series review will be updated after it comes out. So, keep watching.

Khuli Khidki Web Series Wiki

Name Khuli Khidki
Genre Drama, Rom*nce, Fa*tasy
OTT Platform Voovi App
Language Hindi
Release date 14 October 2022
Season 1
Number of episodes 2
Episode Runtime 25 Minutes
Director SSK

Khuli Khidki Voovi Web Series Trailer


Khuli Khidki web series release date?

14 October 2022.

Khuli Khidki web series cast?

We will update you soon.

How to watch the online Khuli Khidki web series?

Download the Voovi app, take a subscription, and enjoy any web series from the Voovi app.

On which app was the Khuli Khidki Web series Released?

Voovi app.