Kinza Hashmi leaves fans awestruck with upcoming drama’s first look

Kinza Hashmi leaves fans awestruck with upcoming drama's first look

You can tell from the first teaser that Kinza Hashmi and Affan Waheed are getting ready for a new romantic drama series and that it will be a heart-wrenching story of betrayal and love.

It was released on the official Twitter account of 7th Sky Entertainment and Geo Tv on April 2. The first teaser for Hashmi and Waheed’s new show was shown on April 2.

“We are excited to tell you about our new project, which will tell the story of a heartbreaking journey of betrayal and dejection that leads to distrust in every relationship.”


Earlier, there was a dreamy teaser that made Hashmi look beautiful. Soon, though, her dream ended when Juvaria Abbasi’s character started yelling at her in the middle of a commotion.

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi made the drama. Mazhar Moin is the director of the show. Hashmi, Waheed, Sabeena Farooq, Seemi Raheel, Kashif Mahmood, Safe Hasan, and Abbasi are all cast in the movie.


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