KPK Laptop Scheme 2022 For Students Apply Now

KPK Laptop Scheme 2022 For Students Apply Now

There is a place for everyone to check-in online registration for the KPK Students Free Laptop Scheme in 2022. At the meeting, it was said that the procurement committee of the higher education department had opened a technical bid for a new project.

An official said that the technical evaluation was being done by the committee that was set up for that. The extra chief secretary and administrative secretaries from different departments were also there.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will give laptops to 25000 of the best students. A meeting with the Chief Minister was held at his secretariat. This news came out during that meeting.

They will be given to students who went to government schools in KPK. Then they said that disabled students would get two per cent of the seats in the BS programme, which is a lot. Public sector colleges and universities have not been part of the plan until now, but now they are.

Then they said that laptops would be given out as part of the Naway Sahar Scheme (called as new dawn scheme). And the government of KPK has set aside $1 billion for this laptop programme.

KPK Free Laptop Scheme 2022 For Students

Everyone good will get a laptop worth Rs. 40000 from them, they said. There is a good chance that about 25000 students will get laptops this year. It’s possible to increase the number of laptops if they were sold for less than the estimated price of Rs40,000.

Eligibility for the KPK Laptop Scheme in 2022

Candidates for laptops were chosen based on how well they did in class. Students in the semester system who got 75% of the marks were selected, and students in the annual system who got 66% were chosen.

Imran Khan Hoti, the chief minister of the KPK province, said that the government is working hard to solve problems like unemployment, illiteracy and poverty. These problems could have long-term effects.

He said that special programmes for technical education and women’s education would also be examined. This is what he said. There has been progressed on Bacha Khan Khpal Rozgar Scheme, the Hunarmand Rozgar Scheme, the Stori Da Pakhtunkhwa and Rokhana Pakhtunkhwa programmes, and Mr Hoti was happy about that.

While at engineering and medical schools, In the newspaper, dawn news, they talked about this. People in the four-year Bachelor of Studies (BS) programme in KPK will get laptops first. And students at professional schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, like medical and engineering schools.

Then they said that the top 10 people who did well in the intermediate exams from all of the boards in KPK would get laptops. Those who had master’s degrees were more likely to be in the study group.