Last date for receiving Hajj 2022 forms today

Last date for receiving Hajj 2022 forms today

As of Friday (today), 43,000 applications have been received by candidates hoping to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj 2022.

According to insiders, the religious affairs ministry has completed plans, with 81,000 people permitted to visit the Kingdom this year.

“The pilgrim quota has been divided into 60 and 40 for private and government tour operators, respectively,” they said, adding that 180,000 pilgrims traveled from Pakistan for Hajj in 2019.

According to the sources, Pakistani airlines would operate Hajj operations, with fares ranging from Rs180,000 to Rs280,000.

It has also been proposed to charge Rs945,000 for government-facilitated Hajj, while commercial tour operators may charge more than Rs1.2 million for the trip.

They further stated that pilgrims would be required to bring cell phones, a Saudi SIM card, and an internet subscription.

It should be mentioned that Saudi Arabia has given Pakistan the second-highest quota of Hajj pilgrims after allowing one million people to undertake the holy pilgrimage this year.

Indonesia has received the most Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia, followed by Pakistan. In 2022, up to 81,132 pilgrims will be eligible to go to the Kingdom to undertake Hajj.

Dedicated Hajj helpline

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has established a dedicated Hajj helpline to assist pilgrims who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia to complete the pilgrimage in 2022.

According to sources, the helpline’s goal is to provide timely registration, assistance, and resolution of Hajj 2022 pilgrims’ grievances.

While quoting sources, the report said that the intending pilgrims would get quick answers about their pilgrimage-related queries by contacting 051-9216980; 051-9216981; 051-9216982; 051-9205696.