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Saloniyaapa is a lovely young lady whose real name is Saloni Singh. Saloni was born on July 7, 2002, in Kolkata, Bangalore, India.

Saloni, a renowned social media personality in India, has a gorgeous face. Known for producing content that entertains fans.

Saloniyaapa is active on numerous social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. Saloni’s YouTube account, Saloniyaapa, reached 2 million members in 2022.

Saloni began her career on TikTok, but after the app was banned in India, she made her YouTube debut.

The video’s substance is fascinating and entertains his devoted admirers. Don’t be surprised if the name Saloniyaapa becomes trendy on the internet.

Saloni Singh recently dealt with an unpleasant issue: the revelation of leaked private recordings on numerous social media platforms.

Because of this incident, many internet people worldwide now know Saloniyaapa’s real name. They are nevertheless intrigued by the appearance of this lovely young lady.

Now that the video footage of Saloni Singh is in the public domain, several individuals are asking for a full access connection. There has been no formal declaration concerning the spread of this terrible situation. Some users believe the video is overdone.

Saloniyaapa Saloni Singh Video Leaks Viral on social media

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