Letters to the Editor — February 26, 2023

Medical truth

Jay Bhattacharya was one of the few medical experts willing to speak out against the lack of scientific support for draconian and damaging measures imposed on the nation during the pandemic and for years after the crisis ended (“Nation Still Needs Full COVID Truth “, Martin Kulldorff & Jay Bhattacharya, Post Opinion, February 22).

Those in these fields who swallowed their questions and remained silent can now live with the results of their choices.

Medicine has always been an inexact science, open to questions, studies and research, but this was not the case during the pandemic. The scariest result is not the complete lack of trust we now have in the medical field, but an understanding of the extent and scope of the collusion between those in medicine and Big Pharma, Big Tech, the media and our government to impose their will on it. “free” nation, regardless of the cost to its citizens.

Unacceptable and scary. May they reap what they knew.

And Muller


Dare to boost the pros

The Post editorial “Albany’s Misguided Bid War” (Feb. 22) goes through all sorts of contortions to avoid addressing the benefits of raising and adjusting the minimum wage.

Not only does it allow workers to keep up with inflation, thereby preserving purchasing power, it provides businesses with relative cost certainty and the opportunity to plan well in advance for reasonable year-to-year increases.

Most minimum wage earners are adults, and more than a quarter of them have families. Therefore, their profits usually go back into the local economy, especially small businesses in the neighborhood, to buy daily necessities.

Eighteen other states have caught on and automatically adjust or readjust the minimum wage every year. It’s time for New York to break the cycle of infrequent raises that lead to inadequate wages and a diminished standard of living for those at the bottom of the wage scale.

Mario Cilento, President, NYS AFL-CIO


Stab the shrimp

A father mourns as one of his sons is dead and the other lies in a hospital bed (“Snatcher’s natcher’ Fish mart shrimp kill”, February 23).

And a fishmonger with no previous criminal record faces a murder rap. The distraught father cries, “My sons were good kids, they have no problems. They are not hardened criminals’ and ‘I can’t believe my boy was killed because of a shrimp.’

Who is to blame? Could it be a permissive liberal society that withholds institutional discipline for minority children out of concern for social justice? Or the state and city governments that, out of concern for restorative justice, foster crime-ridden environments in cities like New York?

What will it take to end the self-harming these tragedies reflect? Return to the Ten Commandments and personal responsibility?

Noel Annenberg

Encino, California.

Weak signal

I disagree with Dalibor Rohac’s “Vlad’s Last Hope” (PostOpinion, February 22.

It is the elimination of the West that got us into the war in Ukraine in the first place.

Lest we forget, it was President Biden’s ill-fated withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American soldiers dead and showed Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping how weak the administration’s foreign policy is.

Senator Mitch McConnell is wrong, “cold, hard, practical American interests” are currently on our soil, and the “strong warning to other would-be aggressors like the People’s Republic of China” was already lost in Afghanistan.

Chris Ramsden

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

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