Maahi Khan Web Series list watch online 2022

Maahi Khan Web Series list

Maahi Khan is a well-known Indian actress, model, and social media influencer. Maahi Khan primarily creates online shows. The web series “khoon bhari maang” by maahi is well-known. Below is a collection of Maahi Khan’s popular web series that you can watch online.

1. Khoon Bhari Maang

This is the narrative of Diya, an entrepreneur. Diya falls in love with and marries a lad named Sameer. Both are content with their marriage. Diya’s friend Ayesha visits them one day. When Sameer sees Ayesha, he loses control and falls in love with her. Both have a physical relationship. Diya witnesses Ayesha and Sameer together and decides to end her life. Rahul, Diya’s friend, saves her.

Diya discovers she is pregnant later on. Sameer and Ayesha intend to murder Diya to obtain her entire estate. Will Sameer’s strategy be successful? To learn more, see the ullu online series khoon bhari maang. Maahi portrayed the part of Diya in this web series.

2. Jalebi Part 2 Rabbit

This is the narrative of a young woman named Jalebi. Jalebi challenges the entire community, promising a reward of 20,000 rupees to whoever defeats her on the bed. Many people in the Village accept this challenge, but no one wins. One day, a man beats Jalebi and earns 20,000 rupees. Watch Jalebi Part 2 online series only on the rabbit app to find out who he is. Maahi Khan portrayed Jalebi in this web series. The web series consists of five 25-minute segments.

3. Sursuri li ullu web series

Sur Kumar Dulari is the protagonist of this narrative. Sur is unmarried. He is looking for a girl who is similar to him. One day, he encounters Surili, a female with similar sexual desires to Sur. Sur and Surili begin to like each other and eventually marry. Will their love tale succeed? Watch the web series sursuri li ullu to find out. Maahi portrayed the part of Kamini in this web series.