Marvel Confirms That Thor is Galactus’ Brother (Kind Of)

The Phoenix is one of many mysterious forces in the Marvel Universe, but recent stories have revealed her connection to Thor and Galactus.

Marvel revealed the hidden family connection between Thor and Galactus this week through a series of cosmic hijinks. The Phoenix’s mysterious role in Thor’s birth was finally revealed in Avengers 1,000,000 BC last week. Defenders: Beyond #2 reveals that the former Devourer of Worlds has a familial connection to the Phoenix Force. When everything is put together, it becomes clear that Thor’s most evil brother was never Loki but Galactus.

Taaia, from Eternity’s sixth iteration, is a member of the new Defenders team as they push beyond what is known. Taaia and her companions have left the Beyonders’ lair and entered the Phoenix’s White Hot Room by the end of Defenders: Beyond #2 by Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Wil Moss. Taaia’s new form as a Phoenix host is revealed on the final page, and Defenders: Beyond #3 promises an in-depth follow-up on this new development. It will be interesting to see how Taaia’s new role as Phoenix affects her relationship with her baby Galan, who will grow into Galactus.

Marvel Confirms That Thor is Galactus’ Brother (Kind Of)

Although the Phoenix had no part in Galan’s birth, she now finds herself to be Galactus’ mother. While Thor and Galactus have no biological connection, they are technically half-brothers on their mother’s side. This is a shocking development, given that Thor recently killed Galactus. Thankfully, Galactus has recovered and no longer craves planets, but it may still be beneficial for these brothers to talk it out.

The Phoenix Force works in mysterious ways, and parenting an All-Father, and World Devourer are just new aspects of her ongoing Marvel adventure. The God of Thunder has many siblings, but since becoming All-Father, he is easily the most powerful. That will all change if Thor discovers that Galactus is his half-brother.

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